The Lenovo Z5 would have unprecedented storage: 4 TB of capacity


Yesterday we talked to you about how Lenovo Z5 It promised to be the smartphone with the smallest frames thanks to a proportion of front screen of 95%, but on the other hand we also echoed the Chinese manufacturer Smartisan, with its Smartisan R1 offered up to 1 TB of storage (at the price of iPhone X premium, everything is said), which is our surprise that today Lenovo shows us a new teaser and tells us that their next smartphone will reach the unthinkable figure of 4 TB capacity .

We can not deny that this news has left us quite puzzled, because although we know that the storage needs of users have grown exponentially in recent years, we are talking about a figure far higher than what most users usually have in your personal computers.

The Lenovo Z5 returns to the big time beating two records

If everything announced by Lenovo vice president, Chang Cheng, is fulfilled, Lenovo would be willing to stop being the brand in the shadow of Motorola and offer more than surprising and powerful smartphones.

Already what we have seen of the Lenovo Z5 is a challenge in terms of design, but is that a smartphone of these characteristics could change the market.

The Lenovo Z5 would have unprecedented storage: 4 TB of capacity

The question is that today, the most premium manufacturers usually establish the 256 GB as the most powerful version of their flaghips, and while a minority manufacturer such as Smartisan with its R1 can remain an anecdote, a company the size of Lenovo itself which will have the ability to move other manufacturers to increase the storage of their devices.

The Lenovo Z5 would have unprecedented storage: 4 TB of capacity

One aspect to keep in mind is the extent to which Lenovo plans to make us pay for storage of this magnitude , because although we assume that this version of the Lenovo Z5 will not be exactly cheap, there is a certain psychological limit that can not be exceeded, making the versions with less capacity seem more limited and therefore moving the other manufacturers in two new addresses.

One would be to cheapen the versions that until now included 64 and 128 GB of storage and eliminate 32 and 16 GB more than possibly, and the other would be that the 512 GB appear as new options more affordable in the 2019 launches.

The Lenovo Z5 would have unprecedented storage: 4 TB of capacity

For now no more details of the Lenovo Z5 are known beyond its borderless design (nor notch) and its processor Snapdragon 845 , but we do know that all our doubts will be cleared on June 14 through a presentation in China, and of course, if this storage is confirmed, we foresee that Netflix and Spotify servers will download more data than ever.

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