The legendary Winamp MP3 player will reach Android

The legendary Winamp MP3 player will reach Android

You may not remember it, or you may never have used it, but Winamp is a multimedia player that we could find on Windows computers and it was released in the late 90’s. Its last stable version was released in 2013, in fact , it can still be used.

Today we will talk about this player, since its managers have new plans for him. Winamp will reinvent itself to arrive soon both Android and iOS. Yes, you can have the legendary MP3 player on your smartphone .

The return of the mythical player is very close

We can see it on

“There will be a new version next year, with the legacy of Winamp but a more complete listening experience”.

They ensure that the new version will have the essence of Winamp, but will provide a much more complete experience . Those responsible know that users want to have everything in the same application, which is why we can listen to MP3 files, but also podcasts, playlists, files in the cloud and even streaming radio.

The legendary Winamp MP3 player will reach Android

It must be said that not only will we have an application for smartphones, but the desktop version will also come back to life , updated with new versions. After more than 5 years asleep, Winamp returns to wake up stronger than ever.

From the company seem to have understood that today is difficult to thrive as a media player that is limited to computers . We all go with our smartphone over, millions and millions of users listen to music on their mobile phones every day, why not do it with the veteran application?

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