The latest news that WhatsApp copies from Telegram


A new update of WhatsApp for iOS appears on the horizon, leaving us some interesting news for the messaging application. An example of this is in the WhatsApp voice notes that, from now on, will follow the same operation as the audio messages shared through Telegram , its main rival in the market of messaging apps.

At a technical level, the highlight of version 2.18.100 of WhatsApp for iPhone is its full compatibility, not only with iOS 12, but with the user interface of the new , and . This new user interface is joined by new quick actions that allow, by means of a long press, to mark a message as a favorite, to answer it, to forward it, to copy it or to access extra functions.

The latest news that WhatsApp copies from Telegram

In addition, the update of WhatsApp for iOS also comes with new response options for the states of the app. Now, in addition to answering the state using text, images, GIFs and videos; version 2.18.100 of WhatsApp also allows users of the messaging application to use documents, voice messages, locations and vCards when responding to a

Multiple voice notes, as in Telegram

Anyone who uses Telegram with assiduity is sure to have taken the same shock when he discovered that, after playing a voice note, the next audio note will be played immediately afterwards (in the case that several have been sent). Now this possibility of listening to voice notes in WhatsApp simultaneously and chained reaches the latest version of the application for the Apple operating system. It is not yet active but the WABetaInfo portal warns that it will be enabled in the next 15 hours, without the user having to do anything.

To all these developments we would have to add the advance of the dark mode of WhatsApp , which we can see in screenshots of the application even if the function is not yet available.

The latest news that WhatsApp copies from Telegram

As a mixture of gray, black and white text, this dark mode would help to save battery and reduce eye fatigue of users. Its activation is in an alpha stage , it means that the appearance of the dark mode of WhatsApp may be a bit different in the final version. It is not yet available but its arrival is expected in future updates of WhatsApp for iOS and, shortly after, in the version of the Android app.

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