The iPhone’s most used camera on the Flickr website

According to the latest Flickr photo sharing website, the iPhone was once again announced as the most widely used camera among its users.

The Apple iPhone smartphone has once again been featured in the most popular camera list of the popular Flickr Photo Sharing website. This is not just a smartphone camera, and it should be noted that standard cameras are also included in this list. Of course, achieving this is not surprising, since Apple iPhones have long been the most widely used camera in the world.

According to Flickr’s website, Apple iPhones are ranked at the top of the list of 100 feature-rich cameras with a 54 percent share. After Apple’s best-selling product, Canon is ranked second in the Flickr list with a 23 percent share, and Nikon has won the third place with 18 percent. Based on Flickr figures, other cameras account for only 5% of the list of 100 cameras used by this website. The statistics are based on the analysis of over 75 million Flickr users.

The iPhone's most used camera on the Flickr website

Last year, Apple was among the most widely used web cameras, but at that time, its share of the company was 47%. In addition, in 2014, Apple was ranked second in the list after Canon . That means the amount of use of the iPhone camera has increased significantly over the past three years.

Beyond the popularity of Apple’s iPhone, in general, smartphones continue to dominate the camera market. Flickr says 50% of the images uploaded in 2017 were recorded using smartphones, compared to 48% last year.

The use of digital cameras has dropped from 25% to 33%, meaning the point-and-shoot genre has dropped significantly. Considering the fact that companies such as Apple use advanced smartphones every year, our today’s phones are getting away from the cameras that are pointing and recording cameras.

The iPhone's most used camera on the Flickr website

More interestingly, the issue is not just Apple’s popularity with DiS cameras, it should be noted that Apple’s iPhones are at the top of the list of 10 widely used cameras. According to Flickr, 9 of the 10 most used cameras in the service are iPhone phones. In this list, only the Canon 5D Mark 3 is in the ninth place.

Considering the popularity of the iPhone 10 among users, we can expect to see the growth of iPhone again next year, with the list of 10 Flickr cameras completely occupied by Apple.

Do you use the iPhone camera everyday? Do you think the Flickr figures are reasonable?

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