The iPhone X of 2018 appears in Geekbench with 4 GB of RAM and the Apple A12


The iPhone X 2018 and the new Apple SoC, the A12, have just appeared in the database of Geekbench 4, a famous test bank that usually allows us to anticipate the characteristics of a future terminal that has not yet been seen in the market. this allows us to compare the power of the device with the current iPhone X presented last year and that anyone can buy today in stores of the brand.

However, we can not take these data as definitive, because with a couple of months ahead until the iPhone X of 2018 , it is expected that the processor may suffer some other change in order to offer greater performance to the final product. This final product is a device identified with the key name iPhone11.2 and serial number DP321AP. According to the test bench, the phone is equipped with 4 GB of RAM, so it must be one of the two OLED models, since the LCD variant, which would be the Cheap iPhone X , it is rumored that it would equip 3 GB of RAM.

The iPhone X of 2018 appears in Geekbench with 4 GB of RAM and the Apple A12

Beyond these 4 GB of RAM, this filtering allows us to buy the power of the Apple A12 with the current high-end processor of the company that drives the iPhone X. Comparing the new iPhone X of 2018 , together the scores of iPhone X in the same test bench, we see that the iPhone X of 2018 gets 4,673 points in the tests of a single core, while it reaches 10,912 points in the multi-core test. In the test of a single “core”, the iPhone X reached 4,238 and 10,308 points in the test with cores, so we are talking about an increase in power of around 8% between one model and another.

As for the pure and hard characteristics of the processor, it is observed that now it works at a speed of 2.49 GHz and that the L1 cache now 128 KB while the A11 Bionic chip of the iPhone X it remains in current 32 KB. In short, we speak of two terminals with a performance very similar to each other so at the level of performance, we do not talk about exaggerated differences between this iPhone X of 2018 and the current top of the range of the brand.

3 new iPhone X of 2018

We have already repeated by active and passive that, this year, we will have 3 new iPhone. And this is precisely what we have been able to see over the weekend when taking a look at the video with the prototypes or models of the iPhone X of 2018 .

The iPhone X of 2018 appears in Geekbench with 4 GB of RAM and the Apple A12

We do not know what the filtered model will be in Geekbench, since it could be the successor of the current one iPhone X with 5.8-inch OLED screen or the iPhone X Plus , but there are only a few weeks to get all the official information of the devices. It will be then when we can analyze the chip A12 of the Cupertino in its final version and observe how it changes the performance of the new Apple mobile regarding the current generation.

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