The internal memory of the Galaxy S10 could be the fastest on the market


These days the Qualcomm 4G / 5G Summit is being held, and like every year, the appointment serves to get to know the first brushstrokes related to the technology that will arrive in the coming months. One of the conferences has been focused on how new storage systems will benefit the performance of 5G connections, and that is where UFS 3.0 has been talked about.

The unified file storage system will be included in the new products launched in the first half of 2019, and as confirmed by the mobile memory product manager, Samsung will be one of the manufacturers that bet on the new technology. And what phone should Samsung launch at that time? Bingo.

Samsung Galaxy S10, faster with UFS 3.0

The internal memory of the Galaxy S10 could be the fastest on the market

Considering these details, you do not have to be too smart to guess that the new version of UFS will arrive included in the next flagship of the Koreans. It is also a practice that the manufacturer usually performs, since in previous releases such as the Galaxy S8 premiered UFS 2.1, not to mention the Galaxy S6 , which was the first phone to integrate UFS memory.

UFS 3.0: new storage standard with up to 2.9 GB / s on your mobile

In the slides presented in the conference you can see how the versions in which the memories will be available go through capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB of memory, some versions that could also determine the versions in which the new phone will be available. Samsung What we can be sure is that there will be no 64 GB versions if the use of UFS 3.0 is maintained, or failing that, there will be a 64 GB model with UFS 2.1 technology as it is rumored.

What improvements are obtained with respect to UFS 2.1?

The internal memory of the Galaxy S10 could be the fastest on the market

Taking into account that we are talking about storage memories, the main advantage when using these new chips is to achieve better response times and transfer rates much faster . The official figures speak of double bandwidth compared to UFS 2.1, something that could allow incredibly fast transfer times.

Samsung Galaxy S10: unveiled storage options

Samsung wanted to take advantage of the presentation to also talk about future LPDDR5 memories, chips that should arrive in 2020 and that would increase the bandwidth of RAM from 44 GB / s to 51.2 GB / s, also including a 20% reduction in energy consumption. Not bad, right?

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