The huge front panel of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 screen is filtered


Xiaomi goes ahead with the launch of new phones, of all possible sizes and ranges. One of the most interesting we have seen in recent years is the My Max , the one that started the fever of the big screens. Now we have seen an image with the huge front panel of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 screen .

Of the mobile future of Xiaomi we already know many details, among them that it will have a screen with a huge size, that precisely today has been seen in an image thanks to its front panel.

This would be the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3

The Mi Max of Xiaomi has undergone important transformations in its two generations of life, they will even be bigger when this new model arrives. Going from being a mid-range mobile in its first generation quite powerful, with the Snapdragon 650, to something more modest, with the Snapdragon 625 in its second generation, although the screen has remained in the same size of 6.44 inches. But it seems that this year Xiaomi wants to position it in a more premium mid-range area, with a new Snapdragon 710 processor and an even larger 6.99-inch screen .

The huge front panel of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 screen is filtered

Well, this huge screen with practically the size of an entry-level tablet, has been seen thanks to its panel, the piece that covers the screen and lets us see perfectly its outline. Also with the hand we can get an idea of ​​how it will be in hand despite the large size. And without doubt the most striking aspect is that finally this model will adopt a infinite screen that will occupy almost all its front , unlike its predecessors. Also an important aspect is that will not have notch , and it will be very similar in design to that of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S .

The huge front panel of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 screen is filtered

This means that the front photo camera is integrated in the bottom , making that edge noticeably thicker, but almost imperceptible if we compare it with that of the previous models of the same range. A screen that would have Full HD + resolution, as a consequence of its 18: 9 aspect ratio. So in all respects this mobile will be superlative, and will improve not only on the inside, but also its external design adopting a much more modern look, and that equates it with other top of the range of the Asian firm.

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