The HDR is already a thing of the past, this is the Super HDR of VIVO

The HDR is already a thing of the past, this is the Super HDR of VIVO

When we thought that you could not innovate in mobile telephony, VIVO arrives and shows us the opposite. This Chinese march was the first in bring the fingerprint reader under the screen , in addition to presenting phones with a screen ratio of more than 90%, a savagery.

Not happy with these innovations, the VIVO guys have decided to reinvent the photograph , working on one of its star pillars in smartphones, the HDR. Thanks to this, mobile like Google Pixel achieve that brutal dynamic range , so VIVO has wanted to work on this basis. They have invented the so-called Super HDR , a technology that promises a lot, and whose first results are quite positive.

This is the VIVO Super HDR

The HDR is already a thing of the past, this is the Super HDR of VIVO

As we can read in AndroidCentral , the guys from VIVO are putting a great effort in the photographic section of their devices. The super HDR will allow you to take up to 12 pictures per second , and will use artificial intelligence to analyze the scenes and adapt the necessary parameters.

According to VIVO, the photographs will be more natural “reorganizing and optimizing the highlights and shadows of the scenes, making them look more like what the human eye sees **. The truth is that HDR and realism do not go hand in hand, precisely, this is an effect that allows us to see in photography elements that even the human eye is not able to detect, but somehow they will have to try to sell it to us, right?

The truth is that the results seem pretty good , although as always, we will have to prove the devices ourselves, since we never know if the photographs have been retouched or not -very typical in Chinese brands-. Be that as it may, this VIVO Super HDR is good news, as the firm not only focuses on spectacular designs, but is making photography one of its main assets.

We hope that VIVO will become popular soon , since it is one of the few firms that is making great efforts at the level of innovation, and we are enjoying everything that is presented to us.

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