The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

Stop smoking, exercise, sleep more, get up early, spend an hour a day reading … Surely many of these habits have been an integral part of the purposes of each summer, or of each new year , although at this point most of you have already realized that building new habits is not a simple task which is done in two days.

Many times the complexity of the purpose, other times the lack of motivation, and in most cases our laziness ends ruining those healthy habits to which we aspire, but do not worry, because your Android smartphone comes to the rescue of the usual purposes that animate our summers and our New Year’s Eve.

Have a smart gadget in your pocket that Always remember your goals and encourage you to get new habits that you had proposed is already a possibility, and if in the sea of ​​applications that is Google Play Store it was difficult to find any app to build habits , here we present the 7 best we have found for you… Let’s go there!

The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

The 7 best Android apps to build habits

1. Google Calendar

It seems strange that we start with a calendar and event management application, but be careful The power of Google Calendar is infinite when it comes to managing our time and our daily agenda, and in fact it is the best tool you can find to define your schedules.

You can create a recurring event in those 20 minutes that you have free every day to remember that you should do your meditation exercises, or review your daily tasks to find those moments in which to go to the gym creating an alarm to remember that it is time to exercise .

Work our routines It is always better when we have identified our times, and Nothing better than Google Calendar to manage schedules .

Google Calendar (free) | Google Play

2. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

If you do not know this new concept of ‘Gamification’ you must know that it is about turn into a kind of game any of the tasks that we consider most boring or little gratifying, with objectives and scores that encourage us to continue.

Duolingo has triumphed ‘Gamifying’ language learning, and Habitica does the same to motivate us to get those new habits in which we try to work.

In this app you will have to create your avatar and configure your tasks and objectives, and Habitica itself will take care of Encourage you to achieve what you set out to do keeping motivation high, playing and raising levels as you carry it out .

Habitica (free) | Google Play

3. Todoist: Lists of tasks to manage your time

Todoist is one of the best known applications of the Android platform to manage our tasks , and with it it will be easy to organize our time to follow up on all our daily activities.

With this app you will never forget a task and you can concentrate on what matters, create those routines that are costing you so much effort. In addition, you can create shared projects , all synchronized on all your devices, and you can go measuring progress of completed tasks as you get it.

Todoist (free) | Google Play

4. Task List, Calendar, Reminder

The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

Another option similar to the previous one is, an alternative for task management with more than 15 million users who already have their time controlled with calendars, reminders, to-do lists, important notes , and a long list of other information so that we can achieve what we have proposed.

In this case we talk about a complete suite room all in one that will allow us to organize our time and plan the day , with the possibility also to share lists and assign tasks if someone should accompany us in these new routines that we have proposed. (free) | Google Play

5. Loop – Habit Analyzer

The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

Another of the star applications when it comes to creating habits is Loop, an analyzer that allows you to track and control everything as days go by and you are working to achieve your goal.

In Loop you can upload all the habits and new routines that you want to monitor, and you can go verifying daily how you achieve your goals. When you get to create a pattern the analyzer will let you see full analysis where have you been most successful and where have you failed, to motivate you to improve where you need it most?

Loop (free) | Google Play

6. Control Habits

The name of this app leaves no doubt of its purpose, which is none other than help us achieve all the goals we have set for ourselves with a daily follow-up of those habits that we want to turn into routine.

Control Habits will allow us to configure all our objectives and control daily achievement statistics analyzing patterns, adding notes and reminders to not forget what we have to do, and convert those new habits also into a kind of game with Motivating images and discussion forums .

Control Habits (free) | Google Play

7. Quitzilla: Abandon bad habits

The habit does not make the monk but the android: The 7 best apps to build habits

If your problem is the potentially negative habits, here’s a choice to quit smoking, spend less on spirits or abandon that addiction to video games that makes your fingers burning.

Quitzilla allows you not only analyze your daily progress when abandoning those bad habits , but also will motivate you to achieve all your goals and it will allow you to configure prizes so that you feel fulfilled. For example, if a month you have saved 50 euros in tobacco, the app will inform you that this budget is available to go to the cinema.

Quitzilla (free) | Google Play

You no longer have an excuse to get everything you want …

You are trying to break bad habits or trying to create new, healthier routines like walking one hour a day, your smartphone is your best ally and you will not have excuses for not doing it. There is an app for every need , so simply choose the one that best suits you and start achieving what you’ve always wanted to do …

Never again will you forget a task and have a tireless motivator by your side , that will always remind you what you should do and what your milongas do not use to continue procrastinating. Did you already use any of these applications? What habits have you created with the help of the smartphone, or in which do you think it will help you to achieve it? Make us participants in the comments!

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