The great firm that will bet on the folding phones

The great firm that will bet on the folding phones

Folding mobiles, like it or not, they are the future ., who has been working on this type of device for quite some time.and in fact, could be the first in the world to present a terminal with these characteristics .

Today, we tell you which is the last great firm that has decided to bet on this technology , or at least, letting you know that you have certain ideas about how it could be carried out in the future.

LG patents its mechanism for a folding mobile

The great firm that will bet on the folding phones

How they count in, LG has registered a new patent for a folding device . The terminal would have two speakers, two microphones and a dual-antenna system. The camera would be placed in such a way that we could take pictures even with the device folded, something we must take into account.

In addition to this, the terminal would be an all-screen, a concept so fashionable, and practically mandatory for all high-end brands. What makes us clear LG, are your intentions to be prepared to build a folding mobile, and we can consider if these phones will have or will not future . It is a very risky concept, which would completely change the way we interact with our phones. The 6 inches have come to stay, and the truth is that a reduction in size, although it comes from part of the fold, could be well received.

We have our opinion clear |

Nevertheless, the fragility, resistance and general concept are still not clear , so we must wait for these terminals end of range with folding technology to judge for ourselves if it is worth or not worth getting one of them. As always, we will inform you as we continue to update the information about any manufacturer that is working on this concept.


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