The Google Wallpapers app is renewed with new wallpapers


The presentation of the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL is not the only novelty of the firm. There has been a new tablet, as well as other improvements in the software part, either through the camera of the new phones as apps as demanded as Google Photos . However, there is more. And the fact is that the Google Wallpapers app has been nourished by a good amount of new wallpapers.

The Google Pixel 3 have been news for diversity of new features, including new animated wallpapers . Those that users strive to try. However, there are limitations, such as having Android 9 Pie . However, for those who appreciate the work with the seal of Google , there is another alternative way to customize the screen of their smartphones.

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Google wallpapers are updated

The truth is that this possibility has existed for a long time, although from today it is even more complete. We refer to the application of Google Wallpapers , which has received a new dose of wallpapers in the different sections of which the app is composed.

Although it was released with a limited catalog of funds, with the passage of time the firm has been in charge of offering more and better. The Google Wallpapers app is renewed with new wallpapers

And it is that to its simplicity we must add the advantages of using it as a filter when choosing wallpapers . In addition to not include advertising – something that many of these types of apps do – all the available wallpaper offers a high resolution, scalable on the other hand for a large number of smartphones, regardless of the type of display.

This app personalizes your smartphone with 3D wallpaper and Parallax effect

We can not forget another of the tools that make Google Wallpapers ideal. That is none other than the ability to automatically change the wallpaper every day , so that we can enjoy new wallpaper every day .

As far as the funds themselves are concerned, we can find them filtered in the sections Landscapes, Textures, Life, Earth, Art, Geometric Shapes, Monochromatic, Marine Landscapes and Urban Landscapes.

You can download the Google funds app from the Play Store .

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