The Google Photos assistant integrates Love Story to create videos with your partner


Google Photos begins to receive a new tool that will be integrated into your assistant , the one that allows create movies, clips or videos from photographs stored on the servers of the app . Although we already have Smiles of 2017 or movies selfies , now they report the arrival of Love Story or History of Love , a mode that will allow edit videos from the photos in which you appear with your partner.

The Google Photos application has become one of those ubiquitous apps on all smartphones for its extensive range of tools Y functionalities . Not only do we have a complete image gallery , including the service backup in the cloud , but in turn integrates a photo and video editor . This is included in the section of assistant of Google Photos . Among many other options, this section allows the edition of videos from the photos stored in Google Photos.

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New mode for the Google Photos assistant

The assistant of movies or videos generated from photos automatically generates video clips suggested from your last created albums, but also has a specific tool for custom creation of them. At this point it is worth mentioning the predefined ways to celebrate specific moments. Such is the case of Smiles of 2017 or Selfies , which facilitate the creation of videos with photos in which smiles or self-portraits predominate. There have also been events such as Father’s Day that have served users to generate personalized videos in which photos appear with their parent. The Google Photos assistant integrates Love Story to create videos with your partner

Love Story or how to create videos with your partner

Well, as he has discovered 9to5Google , the Google Photos assistant has just integrated a new mode oriented to create videos with your partner . This predefined mode is called Love Story and it will allow you edit a custom video clip , with background music, with all the photos in which you appear are your partner. Undoubtedly, a tool to surprise that dear person with a video that shows sequences of the best moments together, either from the photos taken in the vacations of years ago as in concrete and significant days for both. The Google Photos assistant integrates Love Story to create videos with your partner

As we have already indicated, this new mode has been discovered by the source, although for the moment we have been able to verify that currently the Love Stories mode in Google Photos does not appear, at least in the version currently available in the Play Store of Spain. However, and waiting for an announcement by Google, Love Story could be in the process of integration into the app gradually, so we will stay alert to communicate possible developments in this regard.

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And you, have you checked if you have at your disposal the new mode of the Google Photos assistant?

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