The Google ecosystem is getting better, and these are the reasons

The Google ecosystem is getting better, and these are the reasons

Google takes a few years to merit to gain a foothold in the market along with other companies that have dominated the high range like Samsung or Apple for years, and finally has achieved, not only for their Google Pixel, but the ecosystem that accompanies them .

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A great design that fits anywhere

If there is something in common among all the Google accessories, and which we love the most, it is the congruence in the design of them, something that the company wants to take care of as much as possible so that its products fit the perfection in any room of your house.

Be it the Google Home and Google Home Mini, the new Google Hub, Google Wi-Fi, or even the Chromecast, all the company’s new products follow the same lines of design, very minimalist and aesthetically attractive.

But, undoubtedly, one of the things that Google is most successful with is making the products for the home with a fabric finish that makes them go unnoticed, which is precisely the interesting thing about the bet of the American company .

The Google ecosystem is getting better, and these are the reasons

Ease of use, one of the keys

If something Google is working hard on the software in recent years is precisely in making users do not have to break our heads when using their products, and this is something we appreciate very much.

If, for example, we look at Google Hub or the Google Home, we see how they are products designed to make life easier, starting with the way to use it. In these products, in fact, our voice is the only thing we need.

On the other hand, the Chromecast, for example, is activated simply by pressing a button on our smartphone with compatible applications, a real joy that makes it possible to integrate these products into our lives without much effort.

The Google ecosystem is getting better, and these are the reasons

Versatility, what we all look for day to day

Googe products try to offer us many possibilities, whether it is buying products talking to Google Home or playing music on our television using Chromecast, and that maxim is what makes Google products a very good option.

And the best example of this is the new Google Pixel Stand, the wireless charger that the company has just presented and which is one of the most complete products we have seen accompanying a top of the range in recent years.

And, it is able to convert the Google Pixel 3 into a digital photo frame, as well as a Google Home, which will also be activated automatically if we choose it. To make matters worse, it will also load the Google Pixel quickly, and can be configured to serve as an intelligent alarm clock.

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