The fourth generation pokémon officially arrive at Pokémon GO


After allowing his capture until these days, finally Niantic has officially announced the arrival of the pokémon of fourth generation arrive at Pokémon GO . We talk about the creatures belonging to the Sinnoh region that starred, for many, the best titles in the Nintendo saga.

The latest update of the game adds 107 new Pokémon , counting on their evolutions and pre-evolutions. Not all are new creatures since among the pokémon of fourth generation we find new evolutions for creatures that we already knew from previous generations, such as Magmar or Eevee, the most “mutable” pokémon of the game that can now evolve into Glaceon and Leafeon . With evolutions and new characters, adding the little monsters of previous updates we already have ; so completing your Pokédex will be a challenge.

These evolutions will be found freely by our maps, so you should not waste candies to evolve the creatures that you already have in your power.

Exclusive Pokémon of each region

All the Pokémon that will make an appearance in the game to join the previous creatures are the protagonists of Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Platinum , games launched in 2006 for the Nintendo DS and one of the biggest sales successes of the company. Among the most famous pokémon of both games are Turtwig , Chimchar and Piplup , who make an appearance in Pokémon GO for the first time in history.

The fourth generation pokémon officially arrive at Pokémon GO

However, not all will appear at the same time in the game. Niantic announces that the arrival of Pokémon GO fourth generation Pokémon GO will be in waves. This is the developer’s way of encouraging players to continue playing every week, as during the next few days more monsters will appear in a wild way, coming out of the eggs or fighting in raids.

As usual, there will also be an exclusive Pokémon from each region:

  • Carnivine : This pokémon can be found in the southern area of ​​the United States, such as Florida or Maryland.
  • Chatot : Pokémon that can be captured in Australia and Brazil.
  • Pachirisu : Pokémon that will appear in the United States and Canada, in the areas closest to Alaska.

As you can see, in Europe we do not have regional pokémon so this time completing the Pokédex will be more difficult than ever.

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