The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S10 will be ultrasonic and would also reach the Galaxy A


After an infinity of unfruitful rumors, now the Integrated fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen It seems a no-brainer. However, we now have interesting developments in this regard, mainly referring to the technology on which it will be based. Likewise, the information has been accompanied by another important detail and is none other than the range of Samsung Galaxy A smartphones of 2019 they would also have the same biometric sensor .

Even though rumors put him in the Samsung Galaxy S9 , now it is an evidence that the fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen will arrive yes or yes with the Samsung Galaxy S10 , at least in two of the three versions planned for its premiere. A delay of which we now know the reason, as indicated by the popular leaker Ice Universe on Twitter .

The Samsung Galaxy S10 would release fingerprint reader on the screen … and on the side

Details about the Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor

Yes, this time there will be Integrated fingerprint sensor below the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 . However, the information that begins to flow from the Network of networks offers us more details about it. And it is that the own DJ Koh , CEO of Samsung Electronics, would have revealed that the firm has not previously integrated the fingerprint sensor on screen because the technology available at that time did not offer the desired user experience. The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S10 will be ultrasonic and would also reach the Galaxy A

We refer to the one implemented in models such as Live X21 Plus UD or the most current Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer , who use optical technology . The truth is that until now, the tests performed on this type of fingerprint sensor on screen have shown that its operation offers some delay at the time of acting, at least with a reaction time higher than that used by conventional fingerprint sensors.

This video shows how the fingerprint sensor is integrated under the screen

Instead, Samsung will opt for the ultrasonic technology patented by Qualcomm and that we already knew a few years ago, but that has not been available since then.

Screen fingerprint sensor also for Galaxy A

Along with the detailed information on the type of fingerprint sensor for the Samsung Galaxy S10, the filtering echoes that Samsung intends to move this biometric sensor to the screen of the next models of the series Samsung Galaxy A .

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Undoubtedly, a feature that stands out and that would be added as another initiative of the manufacturer to boost its mid-range models. We must remember that in the past this same policy was applied with the Infinity Display panels that in his moment premiered the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the double rear camera of the S9 Plus.

By extension, it is expected that the same ultrasonic fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen reaches the future Samsung Galaxy Note 10 since it is unlikely that the technology will be available at the time of submission of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , which is expected to make an appearance during the last months of the year and be presented next August.

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