The exchange of Pokémon finally reaches Pokémon GO


Just two years after the launch, Pokémon GO finally confirms that it is going to launch one of the functions most expected by users: the Exchange of Pokémon . This will help millions of players to get those creatures that, for whatever reason, have not yet managed to hunt in the more than 24 months that the game has available for iOS and Android.

And it really caught us by surprise. The first signs of Exchange of Pokémon in Pokémon GO emerged just launched the title of Niantic for mobile. The latest notices in this regard date from the middle of last year, when We were debating about the arrival of this function and its possible operation after finding clues of the novelty in the game code.

The exchange of Pokémon finally reaches Pokémon GO

Now the speculations are left aside, Pokemon just announced the arrival of the Exchange of Pokémon to Pokémon GO through his official blog, where he states the following:

The highly anticipated Friends will begin to make themselves known to the Coaches this week. This will allow you to connect with your real life friends and follow their adventures in Pokémon GO. You can send them objects, earn bonuses and even exchange Pokémon.

How to exchange Pokémon in Pokémon GO

The possibility of exchanging Pokémon is a basic element of the series since its inception in Game Boy. The exchange allows players exchange your Pokémon with those of other players with the aim of, as the slogan of the Nintendo title says, “catch them all”.

The exchange mechanics of Pokémon will be linked to a new system of Friends of Pokémon GO that will be launched at the end of the week, with the exchange of creatures being relegated to a few days later.

For Swap Pokémon with another player in Pokémon GO , you must be a friend of him within the application and find yourself, at least, 100 meters away (yes, Niantic he wants you to go out again on the street). To add a friend in Pokémon GO , first you have to know your Coach code, a unique ID number that can be shared in various ways in the app. Once you are friends, you will enjoy advantages in the game to play together in the form of attack bonuses or get additional items.

The exchange of Pokémon finally reaches Pokémon GO

The more you interact with our friends, the more “prizes” we get. This way when you send a gift to a friend or participate together in a fight, you can increase the level of friendship. As the level of friendship increases, you can unlock bonuses when playing together. This level also grows when, whenever possible, exchange Pokémon.

It is also possible to increase the friendship level by exchanging Pokémon with friends. If you are close to a friend and have a level of Trainer 10 or higher, you can exchange trapped Pokémon with him. If you complete an exchange, you will earn a bonus Candy for the Pokémon you exchange, and that bonus may increase if the exchanged Pokémon have been trapped in locations that are very far apart from each other.

It is expected that the Exchange of Pokémon in Pokémon GO be enabled in the coming weeks, coinciding with the arrival of summer.

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