The eSIM finally arrives in Spain

The eSIM finally arrives in Spain

Your next mobile may no longer need a physical SIM card to be able to surf the Internet through mobile data or to make calls. And all thanks to the eSIM technology . This advance, which we had been waiting for years in Spain, has landed in the country hand in hand with the operator Orange, who after making a series oftoday, as well as the availability of this system for all customers of its services.

In addition, the orange operator takes the opportunity to include in its catalog one of the only devices available in the market compatible with eSIM technology: the smart watch with Wear OS Huawei Watch 2 4G.

Orange begins offering eSIM technology to its customers

The eSIM finally arrives in Spain

For all those who do not know, it is convenient to remember that eSIM technology is a virtual system, which simulates the operation of a conventional SIM card without the need to resort to the physical card itself . In this way, the user will be able to connect to the operator’s network instantaneously, and if he wants to, change the company without having to change the card.

Now, Orange begins the implementation of eSIM technology in Spain, offering all its customers the possibility of Activate your eSIM easily.

However, today there are not too many devices that have the built-in eSIM chip, the main reason why Orange has added to its catalog the Huawei Watch 2 4G, one of the few that do have support for this technology. However, the operator ensures that more devices will be compatible in the coming months.

All the necessary information for Orange customers who want to start using eSIM technology -as long as your device is compatible and supported-it can be found in the


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