The design of the iPhone 9 with 6.1-inch LCD screen is filtered


We have assumed for months that Manzana will present three new models of iPhone for 2018 . He iPhone X second generation, a iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch screen and a third cheaper model, a iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD which has also been disseminated as iPhone 9 . Well, from this one just filtered an image of a model that lets see the iPhone 9 design .

Either as iPhone 9 or the commercial name that Apple considers opportune the day of the official presentation, this model is destined to become the best-selling model for wearing the ” Most economical iPhone ” A concept that would be well reflected in the image that has been filtered through a well-known manufacturer of covers and that would reflect the Definitive design of this iPhone 9 .

This is the reason why Apple can shoot its sales with the iPhone of 2018

Filtration from a manufacturer of covers and accessories

At such an advanced point in the development of a smartphone, leaks are inevitable, as well as increasingly reliable. As we have already indicated in previous occasions, the cover manufacturers have a prominent role in this facet given that they usually have Models with the dimensions and approximate design of the model in question so that the previous manufacture of accessories is possible.

Size of the iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus versus the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 (images)

That is precisely what echoes the blog BGR , which has published an image in which the iPhone 9 design , he iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen, from a model. In this image, as you can see, the silhouette of the model and the silicone sleeve of the brand appear Ghostek .

The portal that echoes the news ensures that the information has been verified not only by a source, but by two reliable sources with extensive experience and high percentage of successes in this type of leaks. The design of the iPhone 9 with 6.1-inch LCD screen is filtered

Design of the iPhone 9 from a model

Already focused on the image and leaving aside the veracity of it, the iPhone 9 design extracted from the photo lets see details that were already rumored for months. This model says goodbye to Touch ID button and his fingerprint sensor to give way to a design concept inherited from the iPhone X .

The reasons why Apple would lower the price of iPhones 2018

This implies reduction to the maximum of the frames of the screen and the integration of the notch or notch on top. The reason is the same, the arrival of Face ID as a security system and unlocking the mobile phone, something that can be seen in the insertion of the TrueDeep camera on the surface of the notch. The design of the iPhone 9 with 6.1-inch LCD screen is filtered

As a detail, since the screen will be of the LCD type and not OLED, the front design will be influenced. And is that the lower frame of the screen will be slightly thicker than in the case of the iPhone X, mainly due to the nature of the panel. The OLED panel flexibility allows Apple to reduce this section to the maximum, something that is not possible with a rigid LCD panel. Consequently, the remaining edges will be thicker to give the front of the iPhone 9 a certain homogeneity.

Technical specifications of all Apple iPhones

A single rear camera

Another of the features of the iPhone 9 that reveals the filtered model refers to the rear camera. Yes, a camera for the iPhone 9, because the model with LCD screen would not have dual sensor configuration. Here is a direct consequence of the final price of the model, as well as a way for the manufacturer to differentiate their premium models from the most economical iPhone.

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