The dark mode of WhatsApp is in development


No jokes misinterpreted. Now, the most important source of information responsible for revealing in advance the news for WhatsApp advances what seemed like a dream for many. And it is that everything points to that soon there will be dark mode of WhatsApp . An option that will dye the interface of the black instant messaging app to adapt the level of brightness and color of the screen to dim environments.

Apple and Google begin to implement the dark mode in both their software platforms and apps individually. A trend that we have seen expand equally to many other third-party applications. As we have already indicated on more occasions, the dark mode has gained an important gap between the software settings section given the utility and benefits it entails for users and their eyes.

Dark YouTube mode begins to arrive on Android

Dark WhatsApp mode, on the way

Last June, the popular profile of WABetaInfo on Twitter published in the microblogging network a vignette with which they somehow demanded that the company implement two functions highly demanded by the general public. We refer to the dark mode of WhatsApp and the protection of chats through a PIN code . The dark mode of WhatsApp is in development

Today, the situation has changed and the same profile shows that the meaning of that vignette will finally materialize. The information is based on changes and references found in the latest WhatsApp updates . We assume that the source code of the app has allowed to see references to the aforementioned dark mode of WhatsApp .

Similarly, this dark mode of WhatsApp is placed as an advantage for those who have a smartphone with OLED screen and AMOLED because its characteristics will encourage optimization and energy savings of our phone and, therefore, increasing autonomy.

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