The climb continues: LG will dare to launch a phone more expensive than the Galaxy S9 +

The climb continues: LG will dare to launch a phone more expensive than the Galaxy S9 +

The prices of top-of-the-range smartphones have no ceiling, the escalation continues and if smartphones of more than 1,000 euros already exist that raise us the doubt of mortgage us to pay for a mobile phone , now we all wonder how much will we be willing to pay users for a high-end smartphone.

The undefined answer is that a lot, but within this much the guys at LG think they can still stretch the blanket a little more , and although we refer to the data announced for sale in South Korea, the LG V30S ThinQ will come at a very high price as huge as your internal memory and surpassing even the Samsung Galaxy S9 . Beware of daring!

A boldness for many things, but especially because LG came to the Mobile World Congress 2018 with a change of strategy to explain , without a high range of new invoice to present and only with a vitamin edition of the LG V30 that adds two surnames , the “S” for vitamins and the “ThinQ” for its clear orientation to artificial intelligence.

The climb continues: LG will dare to launch a phone more expensive than the Galaxy S9 +

It does not stay LG lame in the comparative with the new high-end 2018 , and has also managed to save costs by allowing itself to sell a high-end smartphone without the need to invest in design or a new platform, waiting for hypothetical LG G7 that will arrive “only when the market requires it and the improvements justify it” . At least that’s what LG’s management has told us, in an attempt to get back to the green numbers in their mobile division.

It is not that the Koreans have made bad smartphones lately, but the frustrated modular attempt of the G5 and an LG G6 perhaps overshadowed by the Galaxy S8 have led them to a situation in which they have preferred to gain time trying to avoid making mistakes again. For the moment, this is the best that LG can offer us in the smarpthones market , which is not little:

LG V30s ThinQ
Dimensions 151 × 75.2 × 7.4mm
screen 6 inches OLED Full Vision
Resolution and density 2K Quad HD + (2,440 x 1,440 pixels) 18: 9. 538 ppi
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core
OS Android 8.0 Oreo with LG UX
Storage 128 GB expandable (256 GB in the Plus model)
Cameras Main 16 megapixel with OIS, aperture f / 1.6, QLens, AI CAM and Bright Mode. 13-megapixel wide-angle secondary camera, f / 2.6. 5 megapixel front camera.
Battery 3300mAh with QuickCharge 4.0 fast charging and wireless charging
Others Rear fingerprint reader, IP68 protection, MIL-810G military level resistor, AI Haptic, AI Voice, USB 3.1 Type C

The climb continues: LG will dare to launch a phone more expensive than the Galaxy S9 +

LG V30S, LG’s smartest smarpthone … and also the most expensive

During the MWC 2018 the people of LG did not confirm dates or launch prices of its new V30S ThinQ , its low profile during the fair did not make us pay too much attention, although we have had little to wait to see more news about the availability of the new range top smartphones of the Korean firm.

We are talking obviously about figures for your home market , where the terminal is already available from this week, although they are usually quite extrapolated to other markets:

  • The standard LG V30S ThinQ will have a price to the exchange of 975 dollars.
  • The LG V30S + ThinQ goes up a bit more, up to $ 1,020.
  • To get an idea of ​​the differences, the Samsung Galaxy S9 costs $ 790 in South Korea.

A considerable price increase, which many will be taken with humor and others will gladly accept now that the LG V30 has become very attractive thanks to the usual drop in prices of smartphones suffered by smartphones as the months pass since their launch. It fits note that the V30 has the same body and materials that these new – and expensive – LG V30S and LG V30S + ThinQ, and also LG has promised that software improvements and artificial intelligence will come later this year also V30.

The climb continues: LG will dare to launch a phone more expensive than the Galaxy S9 +

LG V30 vs. LG V30S, where are the news?

If you look for the improvements that justify such a rise, well, you should know that the new LG V30S advances necessary aspects to be able to compete with the new high-end of 2018 , but it does as we said saving, without changing the design or the construction of its predecessor. In addition, it also maintains the Snapdragon 835 as its heart, raising the RAM to compensate a little.

The most important improvement of the new nobler range of LG comes however in the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions for which almost all have bet, as a smart camera that detects scenes and automatically improves them to which adds software that will recognize meals, clothes or monumetos to give us information with just point from the same app of the camera. The last name ThinQ leaves no doubt, The main improvements of this V30S arrive with the added value of LG , and this added value will reach the outgoing model at the end of 2018.

As for the two versions of the LG V30S, the standard device has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage , while the most advanced model raises the internal memory up to 256 GB , an astronomical figure that had never been seen on the Android platform.

There will be wait to assess LG’s strategy change as it deserves , we will also have to wait to see in action the new LG G7 redesigned from scratch, called ‘Judy’ in development key , and we will have to wait to see the prices of the V30S in our markets. What we do know is that today it seems that Koreans will continue to sell more V30 than V30S .

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