The characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are filtered: the “giant” of Xiaomi


A couple of days ago we echoed some of the features of the Xiaomi Mi MAX 3, a smartphone that although it is not the best sold by the company, is one of the few proposals on the market that always offers a screen diagonal above of the competition.

The anecdote of the series MAX of Xiaomi is that the arrival to the market of the panoramic screens has brought a considerable increase of the diagonal average of the smartphones, since the new designs with reduced edges and 18: 9 aspect ratios have managed to go around 5.8 inches on a smartphone does not take up too much space, so Xiaomi is forced to increase more and more the diagonal of its MAX series to be able to continue maintaining its most distinctive and characteristic feature: its generous screen.

Almost all the features of the Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 uncovered

If after go through the Chinese 3C certification We could already know some data about this device, now it has been the Weibo social network of the same country that has finished putting almost all its hardware on the table. This is what we know about the Xiaomi Mi MAX 3.

The Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 would arrive with an unusual screen of 6.99 inches and an aspect ratio 18: 9 that would help keep the width of the device at bay. The resolution of this panel would be FUll-HD + as has been tradition and use LCD technology, we assume that IPS.

The characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are filtered: the "giant" of Xiaomi

Regarding the internal hardware of the device, the characteristics of the filtered Xiaomi Mi Max 3 confirm the presence of the recent SoC Snapdragon 710 released with the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE , along with an amount of RAM that would range between 4GB and 6 GB according to version, the second being a considerable amount for a medium range.

This filtering does not mention the variants of storage available for the Xiaomi Mi MAX 3, but everything points to 64 and 128 GB, although there could also be a more basic model with 32 GB.

Yes, we know something more about photographic section of the Xiaomi Mi MAX 3, because although we do not know the resolution of the front sensor, one of the rear sensors (there will be 2) will have a resolution of 20Mpx ( Sony IMX363) , without knowing anything about the secondary rear sensor either.

The characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are filtered: the "giant" of Xiaomi

We finished the review of the features of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 talking about its autonomy , which manages to exceed the capacity of the battery My MAX 2 (5300mAh) with a total of 5.5oo mAh which will also be compatible with the fast charging system Quick Charge 3.0.

If we take into account that the Xiaomi Redmi 6 has been presented in June and that in August it is quite likely that the Xiaomi Mi Note 5 , everything indicates that July will be the chosen month to be able to know the Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 in all its splendor, something that also seems to point to the filtration shown.

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