The CEO of OnePlus shows the first photo made with the OnePlus 6T camera


This weekend we saw how OnePlus made a curious move, at the same time smart: advancing the a day to not coincide in space and time with the of 2018. In this way, will be next October 29 when we know all the news of the future top of the range of the brand, whose CEO today advances the first example of photography made with the camera of the mobile.

Moving forward the photographs that are capable of making their phones is quite common among Chinese manufacturers. It is a marketing action carried out by companies before the launch of their new flagships. The most immediate example we have in the first that were published last week and now, just 4 days later, the CEO of Oneplus shares the first picture taken with the OnePlus 6T camera .

Interestingly, both Chinese brands focus on the same thing: show the benefits of the cameras of its new range tops when it comes to making nighttime photographs.

Example of photo made with the OnePlus 6T

Pete Lau, the CEO of the company, anticipates the good performance of the OnePlus 6T camera on Weibo, where the manager has published a photo of the center of Shenzhen in the middle of the night, highlighting a text that, translated literally, indicates ” Bring your own filter . We do not know if the shot made with the camera of OnePlus 6T has been retouched, not because the only thing we know about it is that it has a resolution of 13 MP. There is no information or EXIF ​​data of the same so it does not advance more details of the camera as the exposure, the opening of its lenses or the sensor manufacturer.

The CEO of OnePlus shows the first photo made with the OnePlus 6T camera

In spite of being a nocturnal photo, or semi-dark, the details are perfectly appreciated and there is no noise. Obviously, nobody is going to show a photo as an example of the camera of its new top of range if it does not have minimum quality standards.

That we are before a night shot does not seem like a coincidence, since one of the great novelties of the OnePlus 6T camera will be a designed to improve the quality of the photographs captured in unfavorable light conditions. Fortunately, we just have to wait a week to know all the news of the mobile camera and the rest of its features.

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