The case of the iPhone SE2 advances its design and wireless charging


Yesterday, an alleged iPhone SE2 video that showed in full the design of the smartphone and its operation. Of course, we decided to ignore it completely because the clip “reeked” of fake everywhere. However, the same does not happen with the supposed case of the iPhone SE 2 that just appeared on SlashLeaks.

A lot is being talked about the arrival of a iPhone SE2 in 2018 , after the Cupertino brand will leave mobile fans without the possibility of admiring the new phone during 2017. We still do not have the certainty that this year Apple is going to present a new compact smartphone but, of course, the signature it does not close the doors to it.

At the beginning of the week the dates of the celebration of the Apple WWDC 2018 . The event. for the company’s developers will take place in San Jose, California on June 4 and 8 of this year. It is possible that these are the dates chosen by the firm to show the world this iPhone SE2 from which we would now have the first image.

First image of the iPhone SE2

Like the video filmed yesterday did not generate enough confidence to dedicate an article, the photo of the iPhone SE2 case if it looks more real and follows the design line implicit in the first iPhone SE . Yes, there is no trace of the design of the iPhone X that was rumored this year Apple could apply to their 4-inch smartphone.

The case of the iPhone SE2 advances its design and wireless charging

There is no dual camera or defining elements of the high-end Apple, so it is likely that, as happened with the first model of iPhone compact, the smartphone presents interesting improvements at the level of internal hardware, keeping the design seen in the predecessor of this possible iPhone SE2 . Of course, the glass present in this back part advances the same wireless charge They have other brand flagships launched to the market a few months ago.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – photography does not allow us to keep an eye on the front profile of the device, so there are still open doors to the presence of a panel without frames as the top of the brand range, in addition to the inclusion of a TrueDepth camera that allows to use the FACE ID in the company’s smartphone.

We hope that in the coming hours new images of the iPhone SE2 to go confirming or denying the possible characteristics of the smartphone of Manzana .

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