The camera of Google Pixel 2 is giving new problems


The truth is that Google phones are already dragging a long list of failures since its launch, which still does not disguise its power in the high range. Although new failures appear from time to time that ruin the experience. That is what many users are suffering with new problems in the Google Pixel 2 camera .

A few days ago we echoed a comparison of the Google Pixel 2 XL , one of the mobiles that has a better night photographic quality, precisely the aspect where many phones do not measure up.

The Google Pixel 2 camera does not work for some users

Although this Google Pixel 2 is not sold in Spain officially, it is easy to get it in stores such as Amazon. Now a curious failure of the Google Pixel 2 camera It is leaving it unusable for many users. This failure consists in that at the moment we want to use it, a message of ” the camera device found a fatal error ” In this way the camera can not be started and is technically unusable when the message appears. It is an error that does not affect all users in the same way, being quite random.

In the case of those who have suffered the failure, it has been proven that it would have to do with mobile phone connectivity. Many of the users have reported that when the phone coverage is reduced, the camera begins to give these fatal failure messages. Therefore, the solution that some have found to avoid these failures when using this camera, is that of activate phone plane mode . They have verified that when the airplane mode is activated, the faults disappear.

The camera of Google Pixel 2 is giving new problems

Although it does not seem to work forever, because for other users the solution has been to delete the data from the app of camera, so everything points to a more serious and substantive problem. And as expected, with this information, Google has taken letters in the matter In fact in a tweet to a user of Google Pixel 2 by Google, has been announced by the Mountain View in a solution to this problem . So it is expected that in the coming weeks or even days you can have a solution to this problem. A failure that would not surprise us that could also be extended to the Pixel 2 XL camera.

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