The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

Update 2017/2018: The best wifi repeater for most people is the NETGEAR Nighthawk EX7000 . (See the in-depth review below)

Are you stuck with some kind of silly router that is a dead duck that gives you connection through a diameter of centimeters that confines you to a small space in your own home?

Now solve your problem, experience what mobility is by buying the best wifi range amplifier, which would extend the range of your wifi beyond your home, covering every dead spot.

Do not get into the trouble of learning everything you have just read through our reviews, which we write after an effort of research and testing days, and then simply select the best one for you.

The 5 best wifi range extenders

Device Name Price Classification
1. NETGEAR Nighthawk EX7000 $$$ TO
2. TP-Link AC1900 $$$ TO
3. D-Link DAP-1522 $ B
4. Linksys RE6500 $$ TO
5. ASUS RP-N53 $$ B

The best WiFi range repeater / amplifier

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk EX7000

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

Netgear nighthawk EX7000 is stellar, this extender has deciphered and offers the best performance in the widest range of everything we try. However, this is the best, in fact a bit expensive. This wifi extender is a perfect agent that would not leave a single point lost. You feel that every penny spent is worth it when you move around your house without a single signal drop.

See the video review:

EX7000 has all the speed and range you would want. With 3 external antennas, the signals intensify and reach a wide range of more than 1000 square yards. This is absolutely great! Now you would finally get signs on the upper floor and the attic or the basement. In addition, the maximum power that this repeater has is 700MW, which is tremendous for a maximum range, with this, EX7000 would work completely in a multi-storey building and would pass smoothly through all the bricks and walls like a hot knife cutting butter .

The extender has a total performance of 1900 Mbps and the good thing is that this extender can be connected to the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz band. This will be amazing for compatibility.

Along with dual-band connectivity, there is another amazing fast lane technology that improves connectivity for you. How is that? Let us explain, what you do is connect a 2.4 GHz band on one end and convert it to 5 GHz on another or vice versa, and with a single reinforced and uninterrupted rail you will get excellent speed, which will be excellent for your HD broadcast or games heavy load. This is the best wifi repeater for a large area.

This wifi extender has multiple functions and ports that offer some impressive varieties. Speaking of which, we would first like to mention the gigabit ports, with 5 gigabit ports you get an extra fast 1000Mbps cable connection to your Ethernet devices. Connected at one end with wifi and at the other end with your device through a Gigabit Ethernet port, your devices recover maximum speed. In addition, there is a USB 3.0 port that offers one of the most effective and fastest storage modes. EX7000 can work as a WiFi range repeater and an AP (access point). Therefore, you could cut off your router’s connection and connect it to your network so that it becomes an access point or you could simply act as an extender connected wirelessly to your router.

Installing and using EX7000 is easier than anything, just plug it in and then with the Genge application from Netgear, choose if you want it to work as an AP or a repeater. You could also easily set the signal ring by reducing or increasing the voltage, limiting it to your space, which is absolutely great. And for added security, there are also parental control options.

The only thing that can be a problem for you is the price. Yes, this is the most expensive of all those we have tested and pre-selected in our wireless extender reviews, but you get more than you pay for. You get the maximum range and speed with which you probably would not mind the price.

This is the best wifi range extender with an elegant and smart design. No doubt you would love for this to be able to connect to your Samsung galaxy S7s, iPhone7, Air printer or your Ethernet devices. With all this, we believe that this would be your best opportunity.


  • Fast speed with a wide range
  • A plethora of features such as fast lane technology, Netgear genius application, antenna amplifier and parental control
  • Functions such as AP or repeater
  • It comes with a USB port and Gigabit ports
  • This is a double band extender



2. TP-Link AC1900

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

Now there are several extenders but TP-Link is a distinguished one when we compare it based on the ease of installation. And, of course, belonging to the TP-link family gives you the experience and excellence to give an exceptional result.

This repeater boasts of having a range that reaches a diameter of almost 1000 meters, which is good enough. In our tests, it had spontaneously intensified the signals that reached the basement, the first floor and the attic. Even if you leave the house or office, you could still retrieve signals up to a certain distance.

Being a dual band extender, this wifi range extender can be connected to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz router or to the one with both bands. Then, with the compatibility, surely you will not need to face any problem.

This repeater has 3 antennas and amplifier plus with almost 700 MW. This provides intensified rays at all levels, which increases the quality of the signal intensities. And with the 1 GHz processor you can make HD broadcasts and games at an incredible speed.

The next thing that amazes us is that it automatically connects to the bands with their default settings so that installation is not a problem. All you need to do is connect the repeater at one end to the router, be careful with the password, it is best for you if the password and the SSID name are similar to your router so that your devices do not receive different names for them. networks Continuing with the installation, the next thing to do is connect it easily with your devices from the other end.

The other feature that makes this a good recommendation is the TP-link application that allows you to connect the devices and control your connection map. In addition, not only do you know what is connected, but you can also easily restrict the devices according to high privacy standards. Now with a range of 1000 yards if you do not have good security, then you, your extender and Internet speed would be fired, as there would be unlimited clients sharing your network.

RE580D has great connectivity with an extra fast Gigabit Ethernet port that has the fastest data transfer rate through the wired connection, plus the USB 3.0 port allows you to make fast storage and share data. This is almost 10 times faster than the previous version which is 2.0.

There was not much we could discuss as a bad point, except for the appearance that is not elegant and elegant like some others.

Now, by putting together all the sums and substances, we believe that this is one of the best repeaters of wifi range, maybe the best thing you could consider is to buy with a range of less than 100 dollars.


  • Fast speed with a wide range
  • Great connection with gigabit ports and USB socket
  • Easy installation and safe use



3. D-Link DAP-1522

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

The DAP-5122 is another wireless range extender that would be a bit more expensive than usual, but this repeater is exceptionally good with the range and networks, plus the speed and signals are strong and fluid promoting a better multimedia experience .

This wifi range repeater can mimic the functions of various devices. You can use it as an AP (access point) or as a wireless bridge. Then, when you want to connect and create a wireless network, if you have a wired network, and then connect the devices wirelessly with this AP. Or you could use it as a wireless bridge where you could connect it to a wireless router at one end and then connect it to Ethernet

This WiFi range extender is a dual band, which means it has a 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz connection that allows you to connect to a router with any type of band either a 2.4 GHz band, a 5.0 GHz band or both . With the gigabit Ethernet port, you get 10 times faster than the Ethernet port. With this, the speed of data transfer through the devices can reach almost 1000Mbps.

Everything was about the connectivity that is now reaching speed, the speed is impeccable. You get high speed plus the range extends to almost 1000 square meters. With the dual band, it can have high load clients managed in the 5.0 GHz band, since it is less crowded and will cause fewer delays while low load clients that perform emails or web browsing can be transferred to the 2.4 band. GHz

For a powerful wireless connection, having a good security becomes indispensable. So here you have high security standards to prevent your network from entering any intruder. This would prevent your network and connection from unwanted intrusion of guests and a heavy load, keeping the speed faster for you.

Now the disadvantage of this repeater is that it is not the last standard that is the 802.11ac. How would this turn into an inconvenience? Let us explain, it’s because the speed of N-wireless would not be as fast as the last wireless type of AC. Also, this would not be compatible with your CA devices if you have any.

If you want all the speed that allows you to navigate through all media, games, navigation or other things without freezes and lags, get this, just be careful with your current device if it is the wireless type of CA, then we recommend you go. for the other that would be compatible with your system.


  • Fast speed and range with all the latest dual bands, gigabit port, the latest USB antennas and more
  • It can work as AP or range extender
  • Easy installation


  • Incompatible with AC wireless devices


4. Linksys RE6500

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

Speaking of network devices, Linksys is one of the trusted names that emerge in the world of networks. Linksys has a reliability and quality assurance for decades. This Linksys repeater is one of the best wireless range extenders for home use. The not so high price and the sufficiently competitive qualities make Linksys RE6500 a recommended option.

When you get to the function of the device, the main point of this device is that it acts as a wireless and wired connection. You can connect to wireless wifi at one end and to Ethernet devices through the gigabit Ethernet port, which by the way is the fastest and most efficient, and create a wired connection. Or you can do it the other way around and connect it to your router via an Ethernet cable and create a wireless connection in a wide range.

This is the best dual-range extender and wifi, the range repeater comes equipped with a dual band so there is a high frequency speed with better traffic management. In addition, just like the fast rail technology in the Netgear extender, there is cross-band technology reproducing the same part here. You can retrieve data from a band, for example, 2.4 GHz from one end, but you can move to a 5 GHz band and send it to the device. What it does is that it keeps its connection, avoids signal drop and traffic congestion.

This range repeater is a wireless type of AC that is the most efficient today and is almost 4 times faster than the previously popular N-wireless network. Speaking of the antennas, we can say that they work well, there are 2 of them, one recovers signals and the other performs the transmission. This intensifies the signals and the range.

Speaking of the range, this thing is absolutely great, so with a range of almost 10000 feet, not only could you cover the facilities of your home / office, but signals can also reach the neighborhood. Now, obviously, you would not want neighbors to eat all of your limited data or slow down your connection by adding more clients to your network. Therefore, to avoid all this, Linksys complies with all the latest security standards for wireless and Wi-Fi protection to prevent intruders and intruders from entering.

Also, the installation is quite easy to do. You only need to connect the thing to a power line and then the thing is functional, what you would know if the LED light is on. Then you only need to do the configuration in the web browser.

The only drawback that we think this extender has is that it does not have strong antennas. The antennas work well, but they are flimsy. However, you can always replace it at a low cost, so it should not be a big problem.

In general, this device is good enough, besides the price is not high, it is half the price of some of its competitors and if we compare it with the quality, we can say that it is good enough and has an advantage over certain competitors, as well that our verdict would be: “This is one of the best things you could have!”


  • Fast speed with double band, 2 antennas and cross band technology
  • Can provide wired and wireless connection
  • Easy installation
  • Safe to use



5. ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-N600 (RP-N53)

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)When it comes to network devices, then the big black devices, the crazy antennas, the cables and the buttons are the only images you get. However, to break the monotony for you and add a spark to your décor, ASUS has this wall-mounted range repeater that comes in silky white and has an elegant and groundbreaking look for you to enjoy.

This range repeater is the type of wall mount, so you should find a place on your wall, not too big, and then simply mount it there. With a one-touch configuration, this is the easiest way to prepare your repeater for use. All you need to do is turn it on and then configure it in the web interface.

The speed is good enough and the range is almost what a house covers. With MIMO technology, a more improved input and output is recovered and sent increasing the speed. The double band extender has a radio frequency of 2.4GHz and 5GHz so there would not be much load in a single band. In addition, it has a speed of almost 300 Mbps for each band. Now, this is low and much lower than our top-rated selections, but what you need to keep in mind here is that a low-priced repeater and wall-mounted Ethernet port can not offer more than this. Considering all this, we will not criticize too much the speed, in fact, it is good enough for all your basic things at home. But yes, for a workplace with hundreds of clients, we can say that this would not be an ideal option.

Now, the downside of this is that it will not have all the latest features like wireless AC and crossbanding. Also, it could not have cable connection since there is no gigabit port so you can enable a device-to-device connection.

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It is a repeater of small and reasonable range that would combine well with its decoration, so we recommend it totally, especially for domestic use.


  • Reasonable with double band and MIMO technology
  • Ideal for average use
  • Easy installation
  • Intelligent design and compact size


  • N-wireless is a bit outdated
  • Without Gigabit port


6. Tp-link re200

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

Are you not willing to invest in a high price repeater? So here is a solution for you. You get almost the same as the expensive ones for less than $ 30, it’s not great! Of course it is. So just get the TP200 Link RE200 and enjoy every bit of your connection even more than before. Due to this moment, your satisfaction triples when you know that the thing is so cheap.

You get a variety that has almost 900 square meters, which is far beyond the size of an average American house unless you live in a mansion. Speaking about the range and speed, we would like to say that the speed is good enough with a maximum theoretical speed of 750 Mbps and, above all, the repeater comes equipped with a dual band that is phenomenal. You may think that we are exaggerating, but believe it or not at this price, you would hardly find a double band extender.

With the 802.11ac standards you can now make this go well with the 802.11ac / a / b / g / n wireless devices. This is not everything; This repeater has an Ethernet port to connect to any Ethernet device, such as a game console, a TV, an audio speaker or other things that have an Ethernet port.

There are other interesting features, such as the TP-Link anchor application, which allows you to easily control and control your system on your smartphones (any Android or IOS device). The light indicator makes it easy to plug the extender into exactly the right location with a strong or weak connection indication.

It is not as advanced as others with unique features, such as fast rail technology and beam shape or MU-MIMO technology. So if you want all that, you should consider some of our other recommendations, but remember that with all futuristic things you will need to pay more out of pocket.

Everything is good with the RE200 extender, especially taking into account the price that this repeater has, so we strongly recommend that you buy it.


  • Good speed with a wide range and double band
  • Low price
  • Control and monitor become easier with the tp-link application


  • It does not have all the latest features


7. EX2700 by Netgear

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

Netgear, as most of you know, has one of the best network services and devices to offer, so we have another range repeater that Netgear has to offer. This is the EX2700 not only is it good enough for your home, but it also offers you a price below $ 50, which makes the extension already good enough for a good purchase.

Now the range repeater is a wall plug design that would need to plug into a socket and then the repeater would pick up signals and amplify them to give signals in a wider range. With the two external antennas, the range and signals are even better. You get almost 300 Mbps speed throughout your home, eliminating dead spots for you. There is 1 fast gigabit Ethernet port for connection to your Ethernet devices. You can also use this extender as an AP by connecting it to your router through an Ethernet cable and then using it as an AP connecting devices wirelessly.

This range repeater has a 2.4 GHz band so you can connect it with 802.11a / b / g / n devices. But it would not work with your wireless CA devices. Also, there will be some of the luxury features so you can use them as fast lane or other technology, but you really can not demand one at such a low price. The only problem that is there and that needs improvement is the single core processor. If you had fewer clients hosted on your network, then there is nothing to worry about, but with heavy traffic and heavy load, such as videoconferencing or high definition transmission, a dual core processor with a speed higher than 1.0 GHz would work well, this would not be the case .

All this is a good extender, especially if you need it for limited use, such as no more than 6-8 devices at a time. You can also consider it a priority when looking for a wifi wifi range repeater.


  • Reasonable
  • Enough speed
  • Wide range
  • Functions such as AP or repeater


  • The single-core processor is not good enough
  • Only one band


8. NETGEAR AC1200 (EX6200)

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

There is this Netgear wifi extender that has all the features you would want to have for any repeater. EX6200 works well and has a wide range, making it impressive and worth your money and your confidence.

With a wide range and robust signal strength, this repeater would kill any dead zone in your home. 5dBi antennas and 700mW high power amplifiers make the connection stronger than before. The dual band, one has a radio frequency of 2.4GHz and the other has a frequency of 5.0 GHz, improves efficiency with less traffic and the Beamforming technology aims for each device to provide a more direct focal connection. And yet, fast lane technology further improves its connection by transferring data in alternate bands at each end. With all this, you undoubtedly have great speed.

The other feature that we appreciate here is that this extender has the ability to stand upright or lie down horizontally so you can place it according to the space available or the style of shelf you have.

You can get a fast connection for your Ethernet devices due to the fast gigabit Ethernet port. You will be happy to know that there are 5 gigabit Ethernet ports that are large enough in number, as far as extenders are concerned. Another thing you could do with this is to connect the repeater through the Ethernet cable to the router and then use your repeater as an AP, especially if the wifi router’s speed is slow. The fast Ethernet cable provides a fast output to the supposed AP and then the AP provides a fast wireless connection.

Setting up this extender is a disaster; users have experienced many problems with this specific repeater, especially when there is another existing one in their home. It is highly recommended that you turn off any extender / repeater Netgear you have and then configure this by deleting the default settings, this would surely help you get ahead with fewer problems. Also, this is not very reasonable.

Once configured, you will experience the best Wi-Fi connection with EX6200, it has all the features, range and speed for you to enjoy


  • It works fast and has high range with antennas, dual band and amplifiers
  • Various positioning options
  • It works as an AP or extender
  • Good connection option with a gigabit Ethernet port


  • It is not very reasonable
  • Technical configuration


9. Belkin F9K1106

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)

If you have any kind of problem with your Wi-Fi range and are fed up with investing from time to time in your network, you will surely not be willing to give something over $ 50 or, worse, to invest hundreds of dollars in solving the problem. problem. You can still solve your problem by investing around $ 20- $ 25. You do not believe us, huh? But it is true, see it yourself, get this Belkin repeater at a price of approximately $ 20 (the price may vary slightly depending on where you buy it) and solve the problem

This Wi-Fi extender is good enough for your Wi-Fi to reach every blind spot in your home, including the backyard, the pool area, the gazebo and the porch, or wherever you sit on the outside of his house. At this price, this is simply amazing. Speaking of the floors, we would say that it happened well in the construction of two floors, but something beyond that would not be what this thing can handle well.

This is a dual band extender with a 2.4 GHz band and a 5.0 GHz band. This reinforces the strength of your Internet speed with an efficient and less congested traffic flow on each radio frequency. In addition, the maximum speed is almost 300 Mbps, which is good enough if it comes with all its power, for everything that is needed, such as high definition transmission, games, VoIP and navigation, and common things on the Internet.

With Multibeam technology, you can connect multiple devices to your repeater efficiently, since this technology allows wifi to connect with multiple devices effectively. In addition, you could also get a cable connection with the available Ethernet ports. With this, you can connect your game console, HDTV and other Ethernet devices while you have a Wi-Fi connected through a wireless connection with your range repeater.

What this repeater lacks is that this range extender does not have a gigabit Ethernet port that is faster than the simple Ethernet port. But that would not be a big problem, especially at this price. The only thing that can bother you is that configuring it is not so intuitive, the installation is easy, but the most difficult part is locating it properly. It takes some time to put it in the right place, it would be more a trial and error process, which would eventually make things right for you.

For the price, this thing is too good, this is, in fact, the highest value WiFi range repeater you could get, so we totally recommend you buy this.


  • Low price
  • Sufficient range and speed with beamform technology
  • Wired connection option with Ethernet port


  • It is not a gigabit Ethernet port
  • Problematic environment


10. Securifi Almond

The best WiFi repeater (Top 10 Review)The world, they say, is moving forward, if we add more precision, then we would like to say it this way: “the world is becoming a touch screen”. From our cell phones to automobiles, to electronic products such as the washing machine, to the cosmetics and microwave design equipment, they have a tactile system. The buttons are now gone, so to keep pace with the world, you’d love to have a touch screen system for your repeater. Well, now you have it, just get the securifi almond extender.

Set it up in the most intuitive way, say it takes less than 3 minutes and we totally agree with it, the configuration is very simple. The next-generation touch-screen option provides timeless ease with all easy-to-interpret icons drawn so you have the ability to select and set things up.

There are 2 external antennas that strengthen the signals for you and make the range extend over a wide range and you can do it all wirelessly. So with multiple functions, this is absolutely great. It also has the LAN and WAN port with which you could have a cable connection or you could use it as an AP (access point). Also, you could use this as a wireless bridge.

Your wireless router / repeater would be highly secure without tracking, so there would be less chance of intruders and with the protection of the firewall, it will prevent your system from having malware.

Now, the only drawback is that, despite all the advances, this is not compatible with 802.11ac wireless devices, so you would not be lucky with wireless AC devices, so you may want to reconsider this option.

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The whole point is that you could get this extremely cool device with all the innovation. If it works with your system, get it immediately and enjoy your life with networks and this attractive repeater that does not need to hide under the bed.


  • Touch system with easy installation and configuration
  • High security standards
  • Multiple functions such as AP, wireless bridge router and repeater


  • Not for AC wireless devices

What is a wifi range repeater?

Basically, a range repeater is a device that is connected to your router and then this repeater recovers the signals from a router, drives it and then sends a larger and stronger signal to the connected devices. The range repeater connects to the router wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable if both the repeater and the router have Ethernet ports. Just so you know that a wifi range repeater has several synonyms like ” range amplifier “,” repeater “Or” range expander “, These are all the different names that companies give to the device.

Why do you need / do not need a range repeater?

Well, you would totally need a range repeater if you have a router configuration in a place where you do not get a sufficient connection or connection to all other places in your house. A range extender extends the range and you get strong signals even at a distance from your router.

But do not get confused with the speed, do not multiply the speed, only increase the existing maximum capacity, in addition, if you live in a small place where the connectivity is good in all places, then do not buy an extender. because the router would be more than enough.

Difference between a range extender and an AP

A wifi range extender has a job more or less like a spreader. What it does is that it connects at one end wirelessly to the router of your home and then retrieves the signals and passes them to the other Ethernet devices connected through an Ethernet cable.

The access point is a little different, it is for commercial or large-scale purposes. AP connects to the router or its other home network device, such as a cable modem directly through an Ethernet cable and then becomes an access point for the wireless connection to the other devices. This is also used when you want a connection to the device that is not able to establish a connection to your network devices because it has no Ethernet port or cabling.

Considerations before buying a wifi range repeater

What range should your repeater have?

For the range, you do not need to blindly see what the extender has to offer. In fact, check the area of ​​your apartment, house, office or any place where you need the extender and then consider the extender you should buy.

What should be the ideal performance for a range repeater?

The performance of your extender is always ideal to be high, so the more performance you get, the better. Anything above 300Mbps is good enough for an average user.

Which extender would work bets with your devices?

Now, if you have the latest devices with the wireless type of AC in your home, an extender with an N-wireless type would not be good for you and will not be compatible. So buy an extender that works with your home router or other devices you need.

What design and structure do you want for your range extender?

The range extender comes in a wall outlet where it is plugged into a power outlet and works mostly wirelessly.

The other type is the wall mount style, it’s more like the style of a wall socket, but you do not really need to plug it in, you can simply mount it.

Then there is the desktop style that can come in a horizontal or vertical design, is placed anywhere and has mainly both types of connection capacity, wired and wireless.

What features improve the speed of your wifi range repeater?

Features such as antennas improve speed by retrieving and transmitting signals to devices efficiently.

Beamforming allows signals directed to connected devices instead of transmitting them in a complete direction and this also improves speed and connectivity

Then, the next feature would be the fast rail technology that allows cross-band connection. With this, the extender obtains data from, say, 2.4 GHz bands from the network and delivers it to the devices in the other band that is 5 GHz or vice versa. This improves speed by delivering in the band where the speed would be better.

The number of bands also increases the speed the greater the number of bands, the faster the speed. More bands are like more lanes on the road, the more lanes, the faster the traffic moves, the data move faster in more bands.

Installation and security

For a range extender, safety is an essential element. When the range extender gives you a connection that reaches the neighbor’s house, then, of course, you will need to protect it so that the neighbors do not use it. For that, security standards such as WPS, WPA2 are the best. Also, always try to make the installation process easier because it does not matter how well your wifi works if it makes you cry while you adjust in your place, at the beginning, you will never forget the pain and you will hate the thing forever.


The range extender that has a gigabit port improves its life by offering a cable connection with strong signals that reach directly to the devices connected through the cable line.

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Getting an extender with so many specifications will not be easy or easy for you to live without one. To get the best wifi range repeater, we’ve made it all so easy for you, just read our review of wifi range extenders and make the best possible choice for a problem-free connection.


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