The best products to squeeze your summer to the fullest are on TomTop

The best products to squeeze your summer to the fullest are on TomTop

Summer has already arrived and it is possible that with it, your summer holidays have also done so. The good weather invites you to go out and enjoy our days of freedom before having to return to routine, so we are sure that you will want to make the most of them.

If you want to take your summer to a new level, we recommend that you read this post until the end, you can find 3 great offers on ideal items for you to enjoy this summer As if you were a kid with new shoes.

Xiaomi M36 Electric Scooter

Does walking under high temperatures make you heavy? Stop making excuses and get the new one Xiaomi electric scooter, the M36 model . Thanks to its compact size you can transport it without too many problems when you do not use it and when folding it you can store it under the bed or on top of a closet. You can become your ideal companion to cover short distances.

You have all the information of it in the, where you can also access the offer. Your starting price is 370.61 euros – about 432 dollars , as long as you select the shipment from Germany. Oh, and it has no shipping costs.

Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

But apart from going out and enjoying, during the holidays you can not neglect the housework either. Bored, right? Now You can delegate some of the simplest tasks in this robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi , able to sweep and clean your house autonomously. This device is programmable and will keep your home clean of dust, lint and small waste comfortably.

Its original price starts at 900 euros, but thanks to thisyou can get with him by himself 387.85 euros -about 452 dollars- , choosing the shipment from Germany. Do not de-prune and save money with this great offer.

Stabilizer FeiyuTech Vimble 2

This is the ideal companion of the first product. Or it can be if you like to record every moment of your vacation. Thanks to this 3-axis stabilizer from FeiyuTech you can stabilize your videos and enjoy them as if it were a blockbuster . In addition, thanks to its extendable arm you can record from much more striking perspectives.

If you are interested in the product, you have the offer, as always, in the. Introducing the VIMB84 code its price stays in just 72.40 euros -84.42 dollars- , a price that places it as one of the best alternatives in the market.

If you want to get any of these products do not hesitate to get them from now. Take advantage and start enjoying summer from now. Do not think about it!


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