The best offer of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Amazon


He Samsung Galaxy Note 9 It is on the way and the successive leaks of the model are a good example. However, and despite its maturity in the market, the Galaxy Note 8 still have no competition for their characteristics . Precisely for this reason the purchase of phablet It’s still interesting, much more so with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offer through Amazon .

The success of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 it’s not by chance. The model integrates a series of characteristics that make it unique in the market. It is a phablet with prominent 6.3 inch screen , high resolution, and with so-called design Infinity Display . Powerful in all its senses, but, above all, integrates a optical pointer S Pen with a range of exclusive functions. A series of benefits that you only find in the Note 8. The only inconvenience that could have for many is its price .

The launcher of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 now allows horizontal rotation

The best offer of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to date

Yes, because the official price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was established in 1,010 euros , a cost that, in spite of the successive reductions, has been shown as a general rule at the level of between 700 and 800 euros. The best offer of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Amazon

However, Amazon; in the prolegomena of Amazon Prime day 2018 ; has decided to launch a new offer for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that reduces its price until the 628 euros . If we take into account the half price and the discounts applied during the last months, the tools that allow us to follow up tell us that the current price is the lowest recorded by the model in Amazon .


The truth is that, if we value the exit price to the market, we are talking about a discount of almost 400 euros , around 40% As we have already indicated, this is the most outstanding reduction applied to the phablet since it was marketed in advance sale mode shortly before its commercial launch. The best offer of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, details and features

From the beginning, we focused on the power and exclusivity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The second point is solved with references to the functions of S Pen, as well as the design of its glass housing.

As for the first, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 data sheet offers a good sample of the caliber at the hardware level. One of the highest quality screens in the market, eight-core Exynos processor, 6 GB of RAM, micro SD … you have all the details in the link above.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 data sheet

Similarly, if you are not sure of the model category at the specification level, do not miss the opportunity to use our mobile comparator .

Also, we remind you that you can check all Amazon Pre Prime Day 2018 offers through our ADSLZone colleagues, as we show you how to become an Amazon Prime user to enjoy the Amazon Prime Day 2018.

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