The best mobile for 300 euros is … none

The best mobile for 300 euros is ... none

Every time they ask me what which is the best mobile for 300 euros, I start to shake . We talk about the price forbidden, and is that, almost always, we are talking about mobiles of 100, 200 euros or more than 400, almost never of the intermediate point of the 300.

It is true that there are great alternatives for this price, but we are vraios those who think that there is no better alternative for 300 euros , and right now we explain why.

The strange barrier of 300 euros

The best mobile for 300 euros is ... none

Usually, when someone wants to spend little money on a smartphone, we put a cap on the budget of 200 euros. For this price, we have alternatives like Xiaomi Mi A1 , which have a very similar hardware to other 300 euros mobile phones. We also have the Huawei P Smart for this price range, with hardware very similar to that of his older brothers, which cost 100 euros more.

As we said, there are alternatives like Huawei Mate 10 Lite , the Moto G5S and other terminals for 300 euros. At no time do we discourage your purchase, but there is not so much leap , I explain. Between a mobile of 100 euros and another of 200 there is a very noticeable difference in performance, camera and specifications , for 100 euros difference. Nevertheless, between a mobile of 200 and one of 300 there are hardly any differences , for that same difference of 100 euros.

Honestly, I could not recommend any mobile for 300 euros, when a Mi A1 costs 200 euros . The differences in camera are minimal with mobile 300 euros, and the processor is equal or even higher. As usual, everyone must decide what they buy , so if you think that for 300 euros there is a mobile that is better suited to you, go ahead. However, always keep in mind that on Android it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a good terminal , and if you want to save those 100 euritos, you will also be making a good decision.

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