The best makeup brushes

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  • Types of makeup brushes: What is each one for?
  • The 10 essential brushes in your toiletry bag
  • The best brands and sets of makeup brushes

If you are passionate about makeup, you can not miss this post. We start!

Types of makeup brushes: what is each one for?

There is no good makeup without good brushes . The importance that these products have in our beauty routine is evident. Any professional or makeup buff knows that it is essential to use brushes quality and specific for each area . They are your most precious tools, of which you know every detail, possibility or trick.

If you are not from this group of people, do not worry, here I have the perfect solution for you. I am going to talk to you about all the possibilities offered by the world of brushes. There is a huge variety, so I am going to divide it into several parts. Each one has a specific function, serves for a type of product or provides a certain finish. This is the exciting world of makeup brushes ?

We start with the basics. We will find brushes with two types of hair: natural and synthetic . The fluid makeup they are usually applied with synthetic hair brushes (since they are more resistant) and natural hair brushes are used for the products powdered. Anyway, we can find cheap brushes only synthetic hair that mimic the natural hair very well, although it is convenient to have both types in your set of brushes.

From the web Bulevar Sur they bring us a wide content of types of brushes according to their characteristics:

  • According to the haircut. Within this type there are several models, with different terminations, for each part of the face.

Flat cut : they are used mainly to apply powders and bases throughout the face, both fluid and compact. A uniform and natural finish is achieved because they trap the product well and distribute it equally.

Rounded cut: allow a certain precision when applying make-up and catch less than flat-cut. They serve to apply all kinds of powder on the face.

In tip: they allow to catch less product and to apply it of more precise form. They are ideal to apply correctors and contours.

Beveled cut: the diagonal cut adapts to the peculiar shapes of our face. It is used to cover areas that are flat, such as the cheekbones.

The best makeup brushes

  • For the length of the hair. It is another option to distinguish the brushes. Those that have short and dense hair catch more amount of product than those with long hair, which allow to blend better and provide greater freedom of movement.
  • For the size of the brush . Large brushes are usually indicated for the widest areas of the face (makeup bases and powders), while small brushes are for eyes, contour of nose or mouth. The medians serve to apply with greater precision in intermediate areas (blusher, concealer or contour).

Now that you know what each type of brush is for, it is time to find out what can not be missing from your bag. When looking for your brush kit you will find various options from professional belts to the most basic brushes blankets, but if you do not want to ruin yourself, you can use the same brush for various uses. Keep reading!

The 10 essential brushes in your toiletry bag

There are innumerable types of brushes, and the professionals know it very well. But if you are not an expert in makeup, it is not necessary to have a wide range of brushes. The ideal is to have several that can be used in different parts of the face. For this, I bring you a selection of the 10 brushes that can not be missing in your toiletry bag.

  1. Kabuki brush . There are different types, but they all have something in common: a head with thick hair, which works with both powder and fluid products. It is the most useful face brush because It is used to apply almost any facial product (bases, contour, powders, blushes and illuminators). The traditional one is the small one, which is carried in the bag, but nowadays they have evolved and are designed with different shapes. If you prefer, you can use a skunk brush, which combines synthetic hair with natural hair and gives a light finish.
  2. Contour brush . You can not miss in your makeup set a contour brush that allows you to shape the face It can be used with both powdered products and with fluid makeup. They are beveled, with pointed heads, rounded and even with flat ferrule. When choosing yours, you should consider what type of contour you use : If it is in powder, look for a natural and manageable hair (bevelled); If it is fluid, better a brush of artificial hair, shorter and flat to melt the product well.
  3. Corrector brush. Are from medium size, with flat and compact tip, ideal to apply fluid or cream correctors . It is advisable to have at least one small size for dark circles, although if you want to correct other areas of the face you will find a medium-sized corrective brush more appropriate.
  4. Face powder brush . To seal the finish of your makeup base and avoid shine, you will need to apply a translucent powder with a brush that covers wide areas of the face. This same brush t It will be useful to apply bronzing powder in summer and, in general, all kinds of powder makeup . They usually have a large, rounded head, with long, loose hair to comfortably handle powdered products.
  5. Rouge brush . Although you may be tempted to use the powder brush to apply the blush, it is not recommended, since the size and precision they offer have nothing to do with it. It’s advisable have a blush brush of medium or large size, bevelled or rounded and with long, soft hair to diffuse the powder well. It is also suitable for illuminating the face. The best makeup brushes
  6. Brush for eyeshadow. It is undoubtedly one of the Basic in the toiletry bag , so do not hesitate to have more than one, to combine different tones. The most effective for shadows in powder are those of natural hair, short and bushy head, able to catch more quantity.
  7. Eyes brush to blur. There is no good eye finish without this type of brush. With soft head, long and very manageable hair, are ideal for smoked and transitions . They are used drawing small agile circles on the areas to be mixed, until we achieve the desired finish. In addition, they will serve you to apply product in the eye socket comfortably.
  8. Bevelled eye brush There are two types: those with the pe short, firm and angular cut very marked , to apply ‘eyeliner’ in a very defined way, and those that have the longer, softer and more flexible hair, with more rounded edges, to work shadows and illuminate under the arch of the eyebrow or in the lacrimal.
  9. Lip brush If you want to apply your lipstick with precision, it is best to do it with a lip brush. They have a small, rounded tip, with a slightly flexible and flat head. Beware of confusing them with eyeliner brushes, which may look similar at first glance!
  10. ‘Toothbrush’ brush. They are characterized by their design reminiscent of a toothbrush. Thanks to its thick bristle with soft bristles, they provide an airbrush finish that stays very natural on the skin. You can find this type of brush for almost any area of ​​the face . You can start using it and check your results with a face brush (the largest ones), which you can try with your makeup base.

These are the brushes that you can not miss in your makeup bag. With all this variety you will get a defined face and perfect finishes . Now it’s time to get to know a small list of the best brands of brushes. We continue!

The best brands and sets of makeup brushes

Once you know all the types of brushes that exist and what each one serves, it’s time to open the portfolio ? Because of that, I’ve made a small selection of brushes for the whole face . These are the brands that I like the most!

  • Face Brush Expert Face Brush, by Real Techniques . Its oval tip and tight bristles facilitate the application of liquid or compact makeup bases achieving a great coverage with uniformity and very natural.

The best makeup brushes

  • Double powder brush, from W7. It is ideal to save space. The wide brush is designed for powders, loose or compact. As they are not compressed, their bristles allow the product to be distributed easily. The angular cut brush is designed to fit your cheekbones.

The best makeup brushes

  • Fan Brush Fancee Me, by Urban Beauty United. Join the fan club thanks to this brush, with which you can correct all the errors while removing any excess. Also, I love your color!

The best makeup brushes

  • Angled Kabuki brush, by Ecotools . This brush is ideal for sculpting and creating contours. As I explained before, thanks to its multifunctionality you can apply bronzing powder on the face, neck, neckline or shoulders, achieving a super soft touch.

The best makeup brushes

  • Lip brush, from PuroBio . Its elongated design and thin tip allow the lips to be shaped accurately and easily filled with color, avoiding stains.

The best makeup brushes

  • Diffuser brush for eyes, from Essence . If you like to shade your eyes and get different styles, you will need a good brush to blur shadows. Essence proposes you to use the Eye Blender Blush Brush. The qualities of this brush are: very delicate, extremely soft and long hair. I love your design!

The best makeup brushes

  • Foundation oval brush, by Beautik Pro . If you want to surrender to the ‘toothbrush’ style, this brush is ideal to blur to the absolute perfection, which will give your skin some spectacular tones. It serves both for makeup base and for bronzers, compact powders, matting or fixative, which gives it different application possibilities. In addition, it will make your skin shine and shine unaltered. The best makeup brushes
  • Shadow brush Gigi Hadid, Maybelline. The shadow brush of the limited edition by Gigi Hadid will help you achieve an amazing look that shines before everyone. The purpose of the inclined brush design is to facilitate the application of shadows on the eyelid. In addition, its soft satin fibers prevent the product from spoiling with uses, such as the fraying of hairs.

The best makeup brushes

  • Set of brushes for face, of Real Techniques. Creating a perfect makeup is possible thanks to this set of brushes, with a brush for contouring, one for details, one for polishing and a square base, perfect for liquid bases. In addition, it is presented in a practical box.

The best makeup brushes

  • Brush with me, W7 brush set. This practical case with mirror contains 5 different brushes for each part of the face: a powder brush (for the application of blushers and bronzers), brush for eye shadows (ideal for creating smoked looks), brush for eyeliner, lip brush and diffuser brush.

The best makeup brushes

  • Set of mini brushes Pro Go, from Makeup Revolution . The size they have makes them ideal to carry in your purse and to be able to put on make-up at home or during trips. All of them are manufactured with synthetic hair, of great fineness and thickness, that allow a unified and smooth finish. Contains four brushes: base, powder, shadows and to draw.

The best makeup brushes

  • Crochet set of 16 brushes, by Beautik Pro. If you want to have as many brushes as possible for all parts of the face, the 16 Brushes Crocodile Blanket Set will delight you. It is made up of professional brushes in a bag format with crocodile skin. One of the characteristic properties of these brushes, and one of the causes that has so much quality, are their soft taklon fibers.

The best makeup brushes

This is my selection of makeup brushes. You see, there are all kinds, and also some sets of brushes, which are cheaper if you want to buy several. There are of all kinds, prices and sizes, and without a doubt it is a very interesting world to explore. This has been my small contribution! ?

If you want to know more, here are some videos about the best makeup brushes.

So here my post this week. Now I say goodbye, thinking about new beauty content for you ? If you liked it, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks.

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