The best games and new apps for Android this week

The best games and new apps for Android this week

One more Friday, it’s time to review the best launches in applications and games for Android . There are already

On this occasion, during the same week in which we have witnessed the arrival of , we have also had to welcome great apps that have just arrived at the store, as well as games like the last title developed by Gameloft.

Apps of the week for Android

Pixel Shortcuts

The best games and new apps for Android this week

Sometimes, when you install an application or try to run a shortcut, you may find that your icon does not appear in the application drawer , and therefore you can not easily open it. A case of this type is that of Digital Wellbeing tools, which are only accessible in the system settings, and can not be opened like any other app.

For this, Chris Lacy, creator of Action Launcher, has developed a utility that allows you to add to the home screen direct access to the activity of any application as if it were a widget.

Google Play | Pixel Shorcuts

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

If you are one of those who are looking to customize any component of the interface of your Android, you are in luck. Power Shade is defined as the most advanced application when it comes to modifying and customizing the Android notification panel.

Thanks to this free tool, it is possible to change colors, options and even customize notifications of the system , all in an application with an exquisite design and dozens of options available to the user.

Google Play | Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

Blocker Spoilers

If you do not want anyone to gut you the last chapter of your favorite series, or tell you the end of the movie you’re about to go to the cinema, Spoiler Blocker is the app you need. It is an extremely simple tool, but very useful, which allows you to hide all the text and content that appears in other apps such as social networks, on the series or movies that you have set.

Google Play | Blocker Spoilers

Games of the week for Android

Hungry Dragon

Despite being available only to those who have signed up for the preliminary beta, Hungry Dragon, the latest title of Gameloft is about to land in the store to allow you to handle a huge dragon while roasting and devouring the enemies that flood the map. This is defined by its creators:

Unleash your fiery fury and make it fall on your enemies in Hungry Dragon, an exciting game full of unbridled action in which everything and everyone is part of the menu! Control fierce dragons and fly, burn and devour everything in your path in a medieval kingdom for which your prey unconcernedly roam at your ease!

Google Play | Hungry Dragon


Hand in hand with Spanish developer Juan Manuel Altamirano, this week he debuted in Google Play DueLito, a fun and addictive arcade game of battles in which the objective is to shoot the opponent. However, it will not be as easy as it seems: to be able to cause damage to the opponent, it will be necessary to demonstrate precision and skill when pressing on the letters in the correct order according to the series that appears on the left of the screen.

In addition to being able to play alone, DueLito offers the possibility of playing games with another player on the same device.

Google Play | DueLito


The best games and new apps for Android this week

If Puzzles are your thing, 10CUBE is one of the best we’ve had the chance to try in a long time. It is a game full of three-dimensional puzzles, each one with 10 grids where the cubes will be eliminated whenever a line is completed. To do this, simply drag the cubes to the top of the platform.

Google Play | 10Cube

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