The best games and new apps for Android this week

The best games and new apps for Android this week

Another week that is nearing its end, and another Friday in which we jump headlong into the Google Play application pool, looking for the best launches that have come over the last week to the mobile platform most used in the world. After, we return one more week to select the three best applications and the three best games that, during the last days, have made an appearance in Google Play.

On this occasion, the application landscape is formed by three useful tools for Android, among them a personalization app that will probably become the best ally of those who can not live without knowing the state of the weather, while the repertoire of games consists of three most interesting titles to spend the weekend hooked to mobile.

Apps of the week for Android


Imagine being able to capture text from any real life element with your mobile’s camera, and be able to copy it, send it by WhatsApp or write it down in your favorite application of notes. That is the goal of AutoPick , a useful productivity tool that, through the photographic sensor of the Android smartphone or tablet, is able to detect and recognize text from any surface, and process it so you can interact with it directly on the screen.

Google Play | AutoPick

NavBar Weather

Personalization applications in Android there are many, but few as interesting as NavBar Weather . This light tool, gives you a new use to the virtual navigation bar of Android, incorporating different statistics and data on the weather weather , which will appear on the screen at all times.

The app is totally customizable, so that it is possible place different types of information in the navigation bar , as a graph with the temperatures of our location throughout the day, or the nearest weather state.

Google Play | NavBar Weather

Spotify Lite

The best games and new apps for Android this week

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If you are not a hard user of Spotify, and you do not need all the options that the application includes, it is likely that you would be interested to know that, since the middle of this week, there is a Lite version of the Spotify app, optimized for a lower consumption of resources such as battery or data.

Although the app lacks some features with which the full version does , this is probably a good solution for all those who want to enjoy their favorite music, no matter what else. Today, the app is only available in a limited number of countries, although Spotify has stated that it intends to take it to more and more parts of the world.

Google Play | Spotify Lite

Games of the week for Android

Dead Island: Survivors

The famous saga of zombie games, Dead Island , finally has its mobile version , and proposes to spend this weekend executing waves of undead based on weapons developed by ourselves thanks to the tools put at our disposal.

Dead Island: Survivors has reached Android after a long wait , and finally we can enjoy the experience of killing zombies, either alone or with friends thanks to the multiplayer mode. The game is free, although it includes purchases within the application to unlock some add-ons.

Google Play | Dead Island: Survivors

Up Left Out

But if this weekend you have the idea of ​​exercising your mind, Up Left Out is probably the best game of this selection. From the creators of the successful “Hook”, “Klocki” and “PUSH”, comes this title with minimalist graphics, which we propose 50 different puzzles where our goal is Unlock all the items that appear on the board.

Google Play | Up Left Out

Isoland 2: Ashes of time

The last big launch this week has been the one of Isoland 2, a newcomer to Android that promises to hook us in the same way that his successor did, through puzzles with 2D hand-drawn graphics, which we must complete in order to discover the mysteries hidden by the mysterious island where our adventure takes place.

The creators of the game assure us that we will find different things the second time we decide to play their last delivery , besides stating that it is full of references to science fiction and hidden messages, so you can enjoy Isoland 2 for many, many hours.

Google Play | Isoland 2: Ashes of Time


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