The best games and new applications for Android this week

The best games and new applications for Android this week

Summer has just welcomed us, as Google Play has welcomed hundreds of new apps and games for Android that this week they have joined the store. That’s why, like every Friday, our mission is to select the best launches that have landed in the app store over the past few days.

For the first time in the 42 installments of this section, the category of applications is formed by three tools created by Google , to each one more important and useful. On the other hand, in the segment gamer we welcome, among others, Evoland 2 , one of the best RPG currently available on our favorite mobile platform.

Apps of the week for Android

Google Podcasts

The best games and new applications for Android this week

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After a brief period in the form of a tool included in the search engine’s own app, Google Podcasts appeared on the scene as an independent application, which allows Android users to enjoy their favorite podcasts both from the mobile and from Google Home devices thanks to the integration with the Google Assistant.

The application has a interface based on Google Material Theme , with white backgrounds and rounded cards that form a clean appearance. In terms of functionalities, we can find everything we could expect from an app to listen to podcasts: player, subscriptions, download programs …

Google Play | Google Podcasts


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Yesterday, Google surprised us by re-launching an application that had already seen the light in its day. Measures is the answer to the application with the same name created by Apple, which takes advantage of Google’s augmented reality capabilities, ARCore, to allow users to measure distances or objects through the mobile camera.

The measurement is quite accurate, and the operation of the application is simple. Before proceeding with your download, yes, you have to make sure that the device on which it is to be installed is.

Google Play | Measure

Youtube music

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Google already has a -good- response to Spotify and Apple Music: YouTube Music has landed this week in 12 new countries , including Spain , at the same time that it released a new application for Android and iOS. The app has a careful interface, with a dark background similar to the case of Spotify in its mobile version.

In terms of performance and content, it is clear that Google starts this new platform from the top, since YouTube Music makes available to all users the existing music catalog on YouTube , including original versions of songs, covers, direct and even video clips.

Google Play | Youtube music

Games of the week for Android

EvoLand 2

After a successful first delivery, Playdigious brings us Evoland 2 , and promises to be even more fun than the first. Despite being in the category of role-playing games, the creators of Evoland 2 define it as a 2D RPG, 3D, a fighting game, cards and a shooter. And this fantastic title combines experiences of all kinds.

But not only the format of the game changes according to the level. Even the graphic section is different as you progress in the game. Just take a look at the launch trailer to see all that awaits us in this fun RPG, launched for the first time on PC and capable of selling more than half a million copies worldwide. As if that were not enough, on the occasion of its debut the creators of the game allow us to download it with a reduction of 3 euros.

Google Play | Evoland 2 (5.99 euros 8.99 )

VectorMan Classic

The best games and new applications for Android this week

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Reborn to be part of the collection of free classics SEGA Forever, arrived yesterday VectorMan Classic , a game released for the first time in 1995, which now comes adapted to our mobile phones.

As in the original game, our goal will be end the hordes of killer robots dominated by an evil dictator, and thus save the earth using the different weapons in which the character, VectorMan, is capable of transformation.

Google Play | VectorMan Classic

Darkness Rises

And this week’s collection ends with another great role-playing game, in this case of action, which came to Android this week, to enter fully into a fantasy adventure told through fantastic cinematographic scenes that bring out the graphic care of the game – clearly inspired in the video game saga Dark Souls -.

But the real attraction of the game lies in its intense battles, where our hero, fully customizable, will have to face each other the demons that inhabit the world of Darkness Rises .

Google Play | Darkness Rises


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