The best games and new applications for Android this week

The best games and new applications for Android this week

The month of June is about to close its doors, but not before leaving us with a new wave of games and applications for Android who debuted on Google Play. Like every week, and, we go back to dive among the applications pool of the Google store, in search of the best launches that have landed over the past few days.

One more Friday, we will choose theand the, that over the past week have made an appearance on Google Play. As always, there will be 3 apps and 3 games that compose the compilation, which we will see without further delay.

Apps of the week for Android

Instagram Lite

The best games and new applications for Android this week

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Yesterday, we had to welcome a new Instagram application that landed on Google Play with not too powerful phone users in mind. Instagram Lite is the light version of the Instagram app for Android , which is already available to be downloaded, although only in several countries, including Mexico.

However, we already explained to you yesterday that, Given the the app is a web page optimized for mobile , which maintains all the functions of the original application, in a weight of only 500 kB.

Google Play | Instagram Lite

Adobe Spark Post

Maybe Adobe Spark Post is not the most advanced photo editing application on Google Play, but that is not your goal either. The latest Adobe tool for Android, is intended for the creation of images and graphics through predefined styles, with photographs, texts and filters that can later be shared anywhere.

Also, if you need inspiration, it will be possible access a feed full of graphics and images created by the other members of the platform , using the tools that Spark Post puts at our disposal.

Google Play | Adobe Spark Post


If you’ve ever wanted to know how much time of your life you’ve spent watching Netflix series, this is the app you need. StatFlix is ​​responsible for monitoring your activity on the platform for streaming series and movies par excellence , to show you a breakdown of statistics formed by the hours you’ve been watching content, the days in which you use most Netflix or the programs that have spent most of your life, among other things.

Google Play | StatFlix

Games of the week for Android

Pokémon Quest

The best games and new applications for Android this week

Featured in Andro4all | Pokémon Quest can now be downloaded on Google Play

The latest title of the most famous pocket monsters in the world is already on Android. Pokémon Quest landed on Google Play at the beginning of the week, to take us to the Rodacubo Island in search of cube shaped Pokémon with which to find the treasures scattered around the island.

The most striking thing about the game is that it does not look anything like the rest of the titles in the Pokémon saga . It has extremely simple controls, and only through touches on the screen will be possible to fight with other Pokémon, and create a camp that will be used as a base to gather new Pokémon.

Google Play | Pokémon Quest

Brawl Stars

The best games and new applications for Android this week

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Another important launch in the field of Android games this week has been the one Brawl Stars, the latest title developed by Supercell , the creators of the famous Clash Royale. This time, we are facing an action game that invites us to enjoy fun games 3vs3, in one of the four game modes that are proposed.

Google Play | Brawl Stars

Isoland 2: Ashes of time

And we have to finish the selection this week, with a adventure point and click that just landed on Google Play, and that offers us dozens of puzzles different ones that, once solved, will reveal to us the mysteries hidden by the island in which we find ourselves.

The 2D graphics of the game have been created by hand, and the creators warn us that the history of Isoland 2 will change according to the decisions that are taken during the adventure. Without a doubt, a perfect title to enjoy the weekend.

Google Play | Isoland 2: Ashes of time (1.99 euros)


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