The best apps to learn English on Android

The best apps to learn English on Android

Learning English is something really necessary nowadays, both for professional and personal life. Master the language of Shakespeare serves to qualify for a job, a requirement in many companies, and to communicate with other people or read certain instructions that are not translated into Spanish.

It takes a lot of time, learning and practice to be able to learn a language, and sometimes it is quite difficult to find a way out of our busy schedule. However, thanks to mobile phones we can learn a language anywhere and at any time. There are a lot of applications for Android that serve to expand vocabulary, practice grammar or improve the pronunciation of any language.

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The best apps to learn English on Android

Duolingo is possibly the best app for learning and perfecting a language using a mobile device. Its high score by users is due to the accessibility of the lessons , which combine vocabulary with reading, listening and grammar and which are simple and entertaining. Based on minigames or surveys you can learn and master English without leaving the sofa. In addition, you can also learn German, French, Russian or Turkish, among many other languages.

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Many people think that playing is also a way of learning . And this is what TinyCards proposes, an app developed by Duolingo that uses a spaced repetition system and other intelligent learning techniques to help the user remember new terms. Based on cards, the application not only serves to learn languages, it also helps to memorize vocabulary, chemical elements, the capitals of the world, history or anatomy, among many other topics.

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Babbel is a good application to learn and improve our level of English. It has a method similar to Duolingo, in which the lessons last around 10 or 15 minutes to facilitate their use in any free space of our agenda. The subject focuses on topics and dialogues of daily life so that the user acquires a wide variety of vocabulary and can formulate useful phrases in their day to day. The application is free in its download but to access all the content you have to pay a fee of 9.95 euros per month.

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An old acquaintance for Android users. Busuu supports learning with varied exercises on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and conversation. At present, it has more than 80 million users, allows obtaining official certificates and interacting with other native speakers , to whom the exercises can be sent so that they can be corrected back. Start studying with the application is free, but to unlock everything you have to pay a monthly fee of 9.99 euros or 2.71 euros if paid for the entire year.

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Voxy is an application specially designed for those people who are preparing to obtain an English level certificate . It offers online help with native tutors and lessons to improve pronunciation or fluency in record time when maintaining a conversation.

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An application focused on people who have an average level of English. Elsa is like a personal trainer that will help you improve pronunciation thanks to a database of more than 2,000 words and expressions in English. The idea is to repeat them with our voice until we achieve the correct pronunciation thanks to the different hints and tips that the app offers, and then compare the sound you have made with the one you should have achieved. It is a free application for seven days, then you have to pay a monthly fee of 4.29 euros.

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The novelty of this application, one of the best valued by the community, is to offer courses prepared by the members of the community . The way of learning is based on a system of letters that help to memorize vocabulary through mnemonic tricks, with a wide variety of games, chatbots and more than 30,000 videos of native speakers. As progress is made in learning, points are earned and competing with other users.

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As you see, there are a lot of applications to learn English without having to go to an academy or school , and that mobile phones have become a great tool to improve our academic training.

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