The best alternatives to the Google translator

The best alternatives to the Google translator

When you visit a foreign website, you receive a message in another language or you just want to know what a specific word means in another language, probably the Google translator is the application you use to get rid of doubts. The tool created by the great G is one of the most complete and used in the world, making about 143,000 million translations every day around the planet.

However, Google Translator is not the only option that exists in Android and the rest of platforms , far from it. In fact, there are many other alternatives to the Google translator to translate from the mobile, the computer or any device, as accurately as in the case of the app of the great G. In this article, we select some of the best.

7 alternatives to the Google translator that you should try

Microsoft Translator

The best alternatives to the Google translator

One of the most famous alternatives to Google’s translator is, without a doubt, the Microsoft translator. Like all applications of the style, the Redmond tool allows you to translate complete words and phrases, however it has interesting additions, such as the possibility of translating texts through the mobile camera, translating voice conversations in real time or learn complete sentences in other languages.

The app includes more than 60 different languages ​​to translate, and some of the most popular such as the English to Spanish translator , Catalan to Spanish or German to Spanish can be downloaded to translate words or phrases without an Internet connection from your mobile .

Google Play | Microsoft Translator

Language translator

The best alternatives to the Google translator

Perhaps its design is not as careful as the Google Translator, but the app Translator of languages ​​of the group of developers “The Winning Key”, is one of the most complete that we will be able to find in the store , with up to 90 different languages , the ability to copy words and phrases translated , and even voice translation. All this, completely free of charge.

Google Play | Language translator

Dictionary English – Linguee

Despite what could make us think by its name, the English Dictionary is a fantastic online translator with several languages ​​available, including Polish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, and of course, English.

It has a neat appearance, and when searching for words or phrases, detailed information about the translation will appear, thanks to the data provided by the more than 400 lexicographers who have collaborated in the creation of this translator for Android, one of the best alternatives to Google translator and its great language dictionary.

Google Play | English – Linguee

iTranslate – Language Translator and Dictionary

When traveling, a translator with the possibility of downloading language packs to use them offline, can be our best ally. For that case, iTranslate is a great alternative , which curiously has a design similar to that of Google Translate, and provides interesting features such as the ability to listen to translations to understand the intonation, a history with all the translations we have made, and much more. . Everything, in an online translator with 100 available languages.

Google Play | iTranslate


And speaking of trips, TripLingo defines itself as the definitive translator for international travelers. Its main peculiarity is the inclusion of a dictionary with essential phrases in four levels of jargon depending on each language, and it will even be possible to obtain the services of a human translator at a price of 3 dollars per minute. An alternative to the most curious Google translator .

Google Play | TripLingo

English Spanish Translator

The best alternatives to the Google translator

Those who need a basic and simple application that, unlike the Google translator, can only translate from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English, this is probably one of the best options to consider. It does not boast of any extra function, or of artificial intelligence systems like those that exist in the Google translator. However, it does presume to be one of the fastest and lightest there is.

Google Play | English Spanish Translator

Translator for all languages

The best alternatives to the Google translator

The last alternative of our compilation stands out for its careful design , based on the Material Design lines and extremely intuitive and easy to use. It has support for multiple languages, and among its most interesting features we find a history of translated words and phrases, panel of favorite translations to access them quickly, and much more.

Google Play | Translator for all languages

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