The battery of the iPhone XS is lower capacity than the iPhone X


Surprise, surprise! As Isabel Gemio would say at a time when mobiles did not exceed 1,000 euros (and were bought in pesetas). We are accustomed to each new smartphone that comes to the stores presents superior (or identical) characteristics to those of their predecessors, however Apple, innovates in the field that least asked and cut the mAh battery of the iPhone XS .

We all know that when Apple presents its new iPhone, it never makes reference, at least in the technical aspect, to the memory or the battery of its mobiles. After the presentation, we learned that the , while that of the was up to 4 GB. The , meanwhile, is also satisfied with 3 GB.

These benefits are similar or superior to those of the , but with the battery of the iPhone XS the same thing does not happen, because we just knew that the new terminal mounted a battery of lower capacity than its predecessor. While the iPhone X boasts a 2,716 mAh battery, its successor chooses, for unknown reasons, to incorporate a 2,658 mAh component, that is, 58 mAh less.

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