The AR emoji of the Samsung Galaxy S9 could reach other models


Samsung was the clear winner of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress with its new generation of flagships. One of the main attractions was the arrival of AR emojis of the Samsung Galaxy S9 . And it seems that they could end up landing in other terminals of the brand.

And the fact is that the creators of these emoticons with augmented reality technology have affirmed that the emojis of Samsung Galaxy S9 with Augmented reality technology they could work on any other device. They have been Mashesh Ramasubramanian and Kiran Bhat, founders of, the company with which Samsung came to an agreement to create their own animated emoticons, who have affirmed this fact.

When they created the AR Emojis for the current workhorse of the Korean manufacturer, they wanted this solution to be within reach of any device. That’s why they devised the software so that these animated emoticons could work on any device, regardless of the front camera they had.

The AR emoji of the Samsung Galaxy S9 could reach other models

Will the Emojis ARs from the Samsung Galaxy S9 reach other terminals?

And is that really implement the augmented reality technology of the emoji of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to other terminals is quite simple from the technical point of view: you just have to optimize the SDK to be compatible with any terminal

Anyway, the business model of the startup based in San Francisco is to cede the licenses of its products so that it depends exclusively on Samsung that this technology reaches other devices of the manufacturer . It could even reach terminals of other brands, although this assumption is practically ruled out as Samsung would throw stones on its roof.

The AR emoji of the Samsung Galaxy S9 could reach other models

According The AR Emoji technology of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is only a first idea of ​​the power of this technology as they hope that “3D selfies will become the norm”. The idea of ​​this startup is to implement its solution in many other segments such as the gaming market or electronic commerce.

For this they are working with the intention of Make the appearance of the emoji ARs much more realistic . According to Mr.Bhat, on a scale of one to ten of realism, the emojis of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with virtual reality technology have a three, which speaks volumes about the potential of this technology and what we will see in the future.

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