The Android low-end could have the days counted

The Android low-end could have the days counted

The conventional Android low-end has long since made sense . Thanks to the boom of companies from China, every time there are more terminals of reduced price with solvent services , able to offer a balanced experience to any type of user, and without having to sacrifice aspects such as camera, battery or performance.

That is the main reason why sales of low-end phones have been in clear decline for some time. This has led brands to focus their efforts on the mid-range and high-end, leaving aside the most affordable phones that have long ceased to be among their priorities. So much so, that even processor manufacturers are thinking about stopping creating chips aimed at the low-end .

The final goodbye to low-end processors could be close

The Android low-end could have the days counted

As they point out from, manufacturers like MediaTek or Qualcomm, two of the leading manufacturers of mobile platforms, would be thinking of leaving the segment of the low-end due to the evident decrease in benefits. Both companies have focused their efforts on the creation of medium and high-end chips, endowed with artificial intelligence, and with more and more added functions for users.

A clear example of the trend of the mobile processor industry is the recent Snapdragon 710 chip, a processor intended for new medium range , increasingly premium and with artificial intelligence capabilities, aimed at those demanding users who, while they do not want to spend the money that is asked for by a front-line terminal, are not willing to sacrifice some of the essential aspects of a high-end .

And is that, like it or not, smartphones are increasingly expensive because users every time we ask for more of them. However, this does not mean that cheap phones will disappear completely, but that manufacturers will have to bet on more capable processors, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 line instead of the Snapdragon 200 series , one of the most likely to disappear.

Definitely, that processor manufacturers are willing to abandon their lower processor lines should be good news for users . After all, cheap terminals must continue to exist, and the only change that will affect us is that this type of phone will be increasingly powerful, and will not remain anchored in the past as it has been happening for years, especially if this change we add initiatives like


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