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The Amazon Prime app released for the Apple TV

Amazon Prime app for Apple TV

After a long time the Amazon Prime app have been available to Apple TV owners.

Six months ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook , during a developer conference, pointed to the launch of the Amazon Prime app for Apple TV in late 2017. Now in the last days of 2017, Apple TV users can download this app through the App Store. To get this app, you’ll need to use the 3rd generation Apple TV.

With the release of Amazon Prime, Apple TV now offers more streaming video options to its users.

In addition to the release of the Apple TV Edition, Amazon released Amazon Prime 5.0 with support for the iPhone 5 for users of iOS.

Releasing the Amazon Prime app for Apple it looks like the end to the Amazon-Apple dispute over the sale of Apple TV in this online store. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said a long time ago: “As long as Apple TV does not let prime installation work, we will not be willing to sell it to our online store.”

Amazon, in September of this year and after the end of the conflict, Summarized the listing of Apple TV devices for sale on their online store.

Jeff Bezos announced during the Codex Conference in 2016 that he would only sell these devices to the other party to accept their trading conditions.

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