The advertising videos will reach the Google Play Store, in the form of a game


If in a few days you are navigating the Android application store and you’re surprised by an advertising video, do not be scared. It is not a virus or anything similar, since Google has just indicated that sooner or later it will begin to test the video ads within Google Play Store .

As it reveals Engadget , the Internet company has just announced that they are already working on adding advertising videos within the purchase application of Android . If for some it is already annoying to be playing their favorite game and see how an ad interrupts their games, now they will also have to endure the publicity when they have not even downloaded the game yet.

Logically this publicity will generate more income to the company. Some income that we hope will have an impact on users in the form of greater research within the Android ecosystem, since it is precisely these same users who will have to support advertising in Google Play Store , now in video format.

The advertising videos will reach the Google Play Store, in the form of a game

Advertising in app stores

The advertising on the Google Play Store is not new. Throughout the Android app store we find ads that encourage you to download applications, but this type of advertising is not as intrusive as a video that plays full screen on our smartphone. Fortunately, it seems that at first the video ads they will not be reproduced automatically, according to the images provided by the company, but we can not put our hand in the fire on this system.

Advertising is also present in competing applications such as Facebook or Instagram, so it is not surprising that now Google wants to take their “portion” of the cake by taking the video ads to Google Play Store , because it enjoys a dominant position as a supplier of apps.

curiously Google It is also testing a system of video ads with which the user can interact, taking the advertising concept to a new level. In this way the reproduction of ad It can have interesting advantages for the viewer, such as coins for a certain game or discounts when buying apps.

For the moment Google has not commented on when we can see these advertising videos in Google Play Store , but it is hoped that we do not have to wait too long to find them in the app store, as we indicated at the beginning of this article.

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