The 3 games that can not be missing on my Android

The 3 games that can not be missing on my Android

Let’s be clear, we all have our favorite applications-mine is Spotify, I warn you-every time we change the phone we install them without hesitation, and with the games, if you are someone who likes to play games, too.

And, as it’s always good to discover new games, today I’m going to show you what are the three games that can not be missing on my Android. Logically, I have more than three essential games, but to make this valuable for you, I’ll show you the lesser known ones. Quiet, they will not be Clash Royale, Super Mario Run and Pokémon GO. Let’s take a look!

These are the 3 essential games on my Android

Ping Pong King

The first of the three essential games on my Android it’s the classic arcade game that we’re so addicted to, and that, by the way, is a bit complicated, but nothing that you can not overcome. As you can imagine from the title, the game is about Ping Pong.

In this, that has some graphics that any mobile will be able to move, We will have to press one of the two buttons depending on the side by which our opponent throws us the ball. But beware, this is going very fast, and you will have to press the button at the right time.

The game has occasional announcements, that you can eliminate for a price of 1.99 euros, However, advertising is not so annoying as to imply something different. Of course, this is a game that will hook you up a lot, since, as is normal, each level is more complicated than the previous one, and that will force you to improve.

The 3 games that can not be missing on my Android

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Head Soccer League 2018

Football is the main theme of the second of my essential games on Android, and in this case it is an official game of La Liga, in which we will be the protagonists of one-on-one confrontations.

Here, you will be able to choose any player that plays in any of the 20 La Liga teams. And being an official game, we’re going to have the advantage that the avatars of the players are very similar to the real face of them. No imitations to make him look like Messi.

In addition to the fact that is one of the last games in which Cristiano Ronaldo is in Real Madrid, We are also going to have a special event dedicated to the World Cup in Russia – which ends in five days – as well as a league where you can measure your regularity, What are you waiting to download it?

The 3 games that can not be missing on my Android

Download Head Soccer La Liga 2018 on Google Play


Finally we have Duet, one of my favorite games whose dynamics take a bit to catch at first, but then it becomes incredibly addictive. I’m already telling you: do not despair.

It is a platform game in which we have two balls that move in a circular way, always with the same axis. The mechanics are simple: you have to move the balls so they do not touch any of the bars that appear.

The game consists of levels, and we can buy the premium version for 3.29 euros, in exchange for which we will eliminate all advertising, unlock new chapters, and we can also access daily challenges. As we say, you’re going to end up being pretty cute.

The 3 games that can not be missing on my Android

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