The 2019 iPhone would not be compatible with 5G yet, when will it be?


Beyond mobile phones with flexible screen, which will be the next revolution in the world of smartphones, an important change is coming in the world of telephony, as is the irruption of 5G. Now we have known the first details of the 5G connectivity in the iPhone of 2019 .

Little by little all manufacturers are unveiling their plans for the new terminals next year, and in the horizon of many is the flexible screen phone, in the case of Huawei , would offer a terminal of these characteristics at the same time as 5G technology .

At the moment the 2019 iPhone will not be compatible

As we have known, it will be 2019 the year in which the 5G debuts in the phones of the main manufacturers, both Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi with a new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 , or OnePlus surely with the OnePlus 7. In all next year is the deadline to integrate this technology, but what about Apple? Well now we have learned from Fast Company an approximate date when Apple will have phones that are compatible with 5G networks .

The 2019 iPhone would not be compatible with 5G yet, when will it be?

And of course, if this information is true, the Cupertino are going to take quite calmly the leap to this new technology. According to this information, it will not be until 2020 when the iPhone embrace 5G technology . In addition it would be necessary to wait until the month of September of that year, the fetish month of Apple to present its iPhone, to know the first models with 5G. This means that for almost two years we will not see iPhone compatible with 5G technology, which will undoubtedly be a significant delay compared to other manufacturers, who already have their compatible phones ready.

The 2019 iPhone would not be compatible with 5G yet, when will it be?

This information also points to the fact that the 2020 iPhones will have an Intel modem , a consequence of the problems currently experienced by Cupertino with Qualcomm. The chosen chip would be the Intel 8161, being a device with a lower energy consumption and with a lower operating temperature. It is clear that Apple is often late to changes as transcendent as these, according to them prefer to be late, but offer the best user experience. But as our ADSLZone colleagues point out, it is likely that by then the commercial offer of the operators with 5G technology will be quite broad, leaving in clear inferiority even the iPhone that presents next year, which would already be in line with many others. manufacturers.

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