The 2018 Pokémon GO Water Festival has already started


One more year we have among us the 2018 Aquatic Festival Pokémon GO , a special event in which, just like last year, players are more likely to get their favorite water Pokémon, as happened last year with Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile and Gyarados. On this occasion we will also have Shiny Pokémon , which have a different color to those that can be seen normally within the game, but these are not the only novelties.

The 2018 Aquatic Festival arrives to succeed the “Week of Adventures” organized last week and had Start on the night of yesterday, June 7, being able to enjoy until the next June 21 .

What new features will the 2018 Aquatic Festival bring?

Well, the characteristics of this festival are quite similar to those of last year, since the general norm will be the appearance of more water Pokémon, among which Magikarp and Wailmer will be found, which will appear much more frequently and which will allow us to get to know their 400 candies .

As new features, we have the possibility to earn triple Polvoestelar and twice as many candies for each Water type Pokémon that we capture, and in the eggs 2 km they can leave Totodile, Mudkip and Corphish among others.

The 2018 Pokémon GO Water Festival has already started

The 2018 Aquatic Festival of Pokémon GO also gives us the opportunity to go back to see old people known as Squirtle or Lapras, something that will come in handy to complete our collection.

Other novelties of this Festival will be the return of Kyogre to the Raids, and if we are lucky enough to challenge him and leave the process alive, we can find his bright shape . Another character quite difficult to get will be the Shellder variocolor , which joins the collection of Pokémon shiny.

The 2018 Pokémon GO Water Festival has already started

To finish, the Water Festival 2018 will also allow us to bring up our more scientific side with new field research tasks with water type Pokémon, so not everything will be hunting and hunting Pokémon.

With all these developments, we are sure that the players of this popular game can spend a few days very funny, and what is better, the improvements we get during the festival we can use them in the next installments of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee .

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