The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

A Danger situation it arrives when you least expect it, especially on these dates when we usually take advantage of free time to satisfy our desire for experiences by going to the mountains or discovering new places by practicing hiking, trekking or even other adventure sports with more risks such as climbing or caving .

Surely you always carry your phone with you in any outing to the mountain, and if you are an avid adventurer you will also have other more specific devices. However, the truth is that any Android smartphone can be your best ally when it comes to finding solutions fast and effective to many of the problems that may arise, so let’s review the 9 best apps for emergencies or to help you on the mountain.

Not only to call 112 it was going to serve you your smartphone, especially with the large number of sensors and technology that it implements … Here is our particular android ‘supervenience kit’ in 2018.

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

The 9 best Android apps for emergencies and adventure in the mountains

1. My112

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

My112 is an Android app for emergencies developed by Telefónica Soluciones and that is as simple as useful, since it allows communicate with the Emergency Center 112 by automatically sending our location on the same call, to allow instant location to emergency services.

At the moment it is compatible with the services 112 of Madrid, Castilla y León, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Cantabria and Melilla , although we hope that the developers extend this availability at least to the entire Spanish geography.

Among the features of My112 is not only that of geolocating when calling emergencies, but we can also receive real-time notifications of all incidents close to our position to be forewarned.

My112 (free) | Google Play

2. (Alpify) Safe 365

Another of the best known applications when it comes to helping us in the mountains or in emergencies was Alpify, now known as Safe 365 and integrating what we would call a ‘Panic button’ that will help us in a click in any dangerous situation.

We can contact emergencies and request help by pressing a button in the app, which will send a notice to the emergency service with our exact position and the most useful information to facilitate a possible rescue. In case there is no 3G or 4G coverage, the app itself sends an SMS using the 2G networks with the same information.

In addition, we can set up a contact telephone so that the 112 can communicate the status of the emergency at any time, and if this were not enough we can also monitor the location of our family or friends if they have previously allowed us, with the possibility even to see the remaining battery in their devices or if these contacts are moving or remain still.

Safe365 – Locator (free) | Google Play

3. AlertCops

AlertCops is the official app of the State Security Forces and Bodies (FFCCSE) to maintain a two-way and instantaneous communication channel with the Police or Emergency Services. It is a complete application with the basic tools to report any dangerous situation .

In fact, it is an accessible app for all of us whether or not we have Spanish nationality and residence, and through AlertCops we can get in Contact by phone or chat in a situation of theft, altercation or any other security problem that we meet in our day to day or in our adventures.

The answer in theory is immediate, since the app sends all the necessary information directly so that the nearest security services come to your aid.

AlertCops (free) | Google Play

4. Easy First Aid

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

Another essential app in cases of emergencies is Easy First Aid , a Spanish development with distinctive “AppHealthy” That will allow us improve our knowledge of action in emergency situations with the most complete first aid manuals.

This available in version Lite with some free manuals, although we can buy the paid version for 1.75 euros that expands its database to offer us a lot Training manuals of First Aid of the best quality .

This thought more for the formative sense and for learning the basic first aid, although can serve in emergency situations if we do not know how to act before any unforeseen event that affects our health or that of those who accompany us.

Easy First Aid (free) | Google Play

5. SOS – 112

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

Although its name could mislead you, it is not just another Android emergency app for contact the 112 service , although obviously this is one of its functions too.

However, it is not the most important, because SOS – 112 will geolocate you to find the defibrillator closest to your position in case of heart problems, a most useful function that can save your life or someone close to you at any time.

In addition, they are included videos with recommendations and instructions to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation or choking if we do not know how to act at risk.

SOS – 112 (free) | Google Play

6. International Sos First Aid Emergency – Offline

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

If you know English with International Sos First Aid Emergency you are facing one of the best first aid manuals available on the Play Store , and if you do not know English almost also because their diagrams and images are international and very simple to understand.

With this app you will have information instantly to act against burns, dehydration, fainting, poisoning and bites, fractures, etc. And as if this is not enough, you can identify snakes or other animals and poisonous plants.

International Sos First Aid Emergency – Offline (free) | Google Play

7. Medical ID: Emergency

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

They exist on Android Many applications to include contact phones in case of emergencies as well as our medical information, and even the operating system itself has implemented a similar function natively .

Nevertheless, Medical ID is probably the most complete and useful application for these cases in which someone needs consult our medical information in a situation of risk , that we hope you do not need but that surely could help you.

This complete Android app for emergencies allows us to configure our complete medical history with blood group, allergies, chronic diseases, medication that we take, as well as a long list of useful information for health teams. And besides, it’s visible from the lock screen so that everyone can access the aforementioned information without needing our PIN or password.

Medical ID: Emergency (free) | Google Play

8. Car Problems & Repairs

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

If you are in the middle of nowhere and your car has broken down , sure that you have already fully unwrapped the extensive user manual that arrives in the glove compartment and to which we have never looked until now. It is not an Android app for emergencies proper, but sometimes having the car damaged is a dangerous situation …

However, these manuals are not so specific when it comes to fixing specific faults such as the Car Problems & Repairs app , which includes a complete manual for endless brands of how to repair problems that may arise in your vehicle. Yes, is in perfect English and there is no alternative in Spanish on Google Play.

Car Problems & Repairs (free) | Google Play

9. OruxMaps

The 11 best apps for emergencies, would your Android help you if you get lost in the mountains?

You can not go to the mountain without a good GPS with topographic maps , so OruxMaps is probably one of the most useful apps that you will find in this regard.

With it you can Download and view your maps , some of them available for consultation ‘Off-line’ in case you run out of coverage, and you can even create routes or navigate points of interest to avoid losing yourself in the mountain.

You can Manage and view also routes in GPX or KML formats downloaded from the Internet , among a host of functions that you can learn in the complete manual of the application, which is free with a paid version of 2.99 euros if we find it useful and we want to contribute to its development.

OruxMaps (free) |

10. AccuWeather

Obviously you could not go on vacation, much less if you’re going out to do adventure, without check weather forecasts , so here we leave you one of the most complete applications to check the weather conditions of any place in the world and thus avoid possible emergency situations.

AccuWeather not only tells you precisely the current weather condition, but also is capable of send you alerts in case of drastic change of conditions if a storm, hail or snow arrives in real time to the place where we are.

With this application you can also consult maps with accurate forecasts , the precipitation radar and the estimated thermal sensations in a specific place in addition to the actual estimated temperature.

AccuWeather (free) | Google Play

11. Smart Tools – tools

This app does not seem so useful until you need a ruler, a spirit level or a flashlight , and you only have an Android phone at hand. Those are some of the functions of a complete suite room of basic tools that use your smartphone’s sensors to help you in a lot of tasks basic you never know when you’re going to need it.

Smart Tools is a paid suite that costs 2.99 euros, although you can download any of the six applications that compose it, separately, completely free of charge.

A total of 15 tools in an app “all in one”: measurement of length, angle, slopes, spirit level and thread, compass, metal detector, GPS, vibrometer, flashlight, magnifying glass, mirror, unit converter and much more …

Smart Tools – tools (€ 2.99) | Google Play

Undoubtedly, a good compendium of tools and Android apps for emergencies that will help you not to have problems in your adventures, although they can also help you in case of problems that we hope will not occur. Do you know any more that you think is essential?



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