Tesla will revive Puerto Rico’s electricity grid by launching six projects

Tesla has announced plans to revive Puerto Rico’s electricity grid after the devastation caused by the Maria Hurricane.

Tesla is now working with the local government to set up six projects for building power storage batteries in the two islands of Puerto Rico. In mid-September this year Terrible storm Maria Heavily damaged countries in the Caribbean. The storm in Puerto Rico caused long waves, heavy rains and landslides, and the consequences of power outages and the destruction of power centers, hospitals, public transportation systems and critical areas led to a report by the National Crisis Center.

Ilan mask The CEO and founder of Tesla Corporation, after these events, announced that his company is ready to cooperate in the construction of storage and distribution stations.

The largest contract signed so far in Port-Vico is owned by a small company called Whitefish, a small energy company based in Montana, and has since not been able to perform significantly. But given the high Tesla experience, especially in large projects, it seems that the efforts of this large energy company can play a decisive role in improving access to electricity in Puerto Rico.

Tesla will revive Puerto Rico's electricity grid by launching six projects

Tylah’s founder Taylor Ilan Mask announced that Tesla was ready to launch any project in Puerto Rico

Tesla’s efforts to revive Puerto Rico’s electricity began with the construction of a children’s hospital in San Juan, and now Puerto Rico and Tesla want to participate in six larger projects for two islands in Puerto Rico called Vicos and Colbrera.

Tesla has already made significant efforts to support the reconstruction program in Puerto Rico, and these early battery systems are only part of the company’s long-term goal.

In these energy projects, Tesla Power Bank systems are combined with solar arrays that have been previously installed on the island. As such, as long as the main grid of energy is repaired and fully operational, this small network will provide the power to the affected areas.

Tesla will revive Puerto Rico's electricity grid by launching six projects

You can see the severity of the damage caused by the terrible Maria storm in this hybrid photo

Lack of electricity in some areas can have serious health outcomes. As a result, Tesla has decided to first install its battery systems at critical points. These critical points include sewage treatment plants, water pumping stations and hospitals.

Russell Novours , The governor of Puerto Rico, said about the partnership between Puerto Rico and Tesla on local radio 1320:

Given the limited access to islands and the importance of sanitary wastewater treatment systems and their direct link to health and the environment, we need good energy options to improve our network capacity. These projects are part of the steps we are going to take to make a better Puerto Rico after the Maria Storm, and provide better prosperity for the citizens of the area.

Tesla has already made significant efforts to support Puerto Rico’s reconstruction plans, and these early battery systems are only part of the long-term goal of the company. The words of the governor of Puerto Rico also represent the unity of the local government of Puerto Rico and Tesla, so as not only to overcome Maria’s storm damage, but also to use technology to create a better energy network than before.

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