Telegram update with audio and privacy news


Yesterday we anticipated it. After Telegram stopped working for a few hours , we warned that the problem could be caused by errors in the app server or in the possible arrival of new functions to the messaging application. The second option was the winner and today we premiere Telegram update with audio and privacy news .

We had not received a Telegram update worth mentioning for a long time. In fact the most noteworthy thing about the messaging app was Manzana is preventing the application from being updated globally, with different consequences for both companies and users. Meanwhile, the Android app receives more improvements than the iPhone, such as the possibility of get a preview of the chats, create links and cancel the sending messages before sending them. All this comes exclusively to the google operating system for version 4.8.10 of Telegram .

Double playback speed in audios

Of all the novelties of the Telegram update, for iOS and Android , there are two that stand out above the others. The first is the ability to play videos at twice its normal speed.

Telegram update with audio and privacy news

If you have a friend who, instead of writing a couple of phrases, prefers to send long-playing audios, now Telegram it allows to double the speed of reproduction. Simply run the audio in question and, at the top of the screen, click on the “2X” icon to double the speed and listen to the voice message in half the time.

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Mark messages as unread

The second great novelty directly affects privacy, since it allows us to mark messages as read or not read at our whim. For this we simply have to access the main window of chats and mark the messages in question. This offers a quick way to eliminate less important messages and highlight the chats that require your future attention.

Telegram update with audio and privacy news

In addition to these novelties of the upgrade from Telegram , there is also the possibility of replacing videos and photos sent in our chats. If you are wrong when sending any type of content to a contact, instead of simply deleting the message now you have the possibility to change the file for another. All you have to do is, after updating the messaging application, select that image, sticker or photo, click on the new Edit option and choose the new content.

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