Talon is open-source: one of the best Twitter clients opens its code to all

Talon is open-source: one of the best Twitter clients opens its code to all

If you use Twitter, use Android and do not know Talon, I’m the one who tells you that something has been going wrong all these years . Since its birth in January 2014, Talon for Twitter has been one of the best customers of the blue bird social network available on Google Play, with features that we could not even imagine to find in the official Twitter app. While over the years have been appearing new customers, who have sometimes managed to overcome Talon in certain aspects, the application created by Luke Klinker remains at the bottom of the cannon receiving news frequently and adding advantages over the rest.

Now, I’m afraid that the Android developer scene will be happy to know that the Talon source code becomes open to everyone, and anyone who wants it and has the necessary knowledge, can start working on the basis of one of the best customers that exist in the application store.

Talon for Twitter becomes Open Source

Talon is open-source: one of the best Twitter clients opens its code to all

The own creator of Talon has announcedwhat the version of Talon with Material Design that, now it becomes open source , after having been among us only a few months and having already reached hundreds of thousands of downloads on Google Play.

I am extremely excited about this. I have been an open advocate of open source work for years. Many of the components that I do for my applications are already open source. For me, it’s the perfect way to give back to the community that has given me so much. Most payment applications are obviously not open source, but this is the address I want to take with Talon.

While facing the users this change hardly means anything – especially because the creator himself will continue working on bringing new features to the app -, developers can take this app as inspiration for their projects, and even collaborate including new features before compiling their own version of Talon.

Anyone who wants to can access the Talon source code through the, or download the application on Google Play at a price of 2.89 euros.

Google Play | Talon for Twitter (2.89 euros)


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