Monday, April 23, 2018
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Children are forgetting how to use books because of the iPad

Surely you have experienced the following situation: you are in a bar and a little boy starts to cry for any random reason -...

Children spend more and more time on social networks, and that...

In the same way that the people in my villa were told that they were born with a Playstation control under their arms, young...

Punishments in children: Are they useful or not?

Punishment as a corrective strategy may not be as effective, and much more so when punished for punishing or for instilling fear. Communication is the best tool for the child to learn.

12 home remedies that help control constipation in children

Abdominal massages can be very effective in relieving constipation in children. When performing them we must follow the path of the intestine to promote peristaltic movements

The importance of nurturing the creativity of our children

Contributing to the stimulation of our children's creativity should be part of every parent's tasks. The benefits of our children developing their creativity are very varied. Know them in this post.

Ufone supports the cause of educating street children

Ufone aims to thus create widespread awareness of the great work being done by Anfas and motivate others to take up humanitarian initiatives, to bring about positive change in society. Anfas is running 7 footpath schools in Karachi and interior Sindh, with the aim of imparting education to those underprivileged children who belong to extremely poor families and mainly do street labour.