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Emotional support in patients with terminal cancer

Any loss implies the appearance of mourning, the process of phases that lead to overcoming this loss.

Fulvestrant: the second line of treatment in breast cancer

Fulvestrant is a drug that prevents the action of estrogen in breast tissue, so it is used in the treatment of breast cancer.

Differences between advanced cancer and metastatic cancer

It is essential to know the differences between one type of cancer and another. As a rule, both are difficult to eradicate.

Symptoms of colon cancer

It is important to know the symptoms of colon cancer to be warned in case it appears.

Treatment for breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most frequent in the female population, however, it is also one of the best prognosis.

Triple negative breast cancer

Triple negative breast cancer is the most aggressive type of breast cancer. Its difficulty at the time of being treated lies in the absence of targets to attack.

First symptoms of prostate cancer

The first symptoms of prostate cancer are usually related to problems in the lower region of the body, including difficulty urinating and ejaculating.