Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Leading crypto money market Binance broke BNB record

The BNB, which was put on the market by Binance, the world's largest cryptographic money market, has reached the highest level against Bitcoin all the time.

Binance went to update on commission system

Binance has issued a new announcement on the reference system. According to this announcement, the reference award will be 40 per cent for users holding at least 500 BNB.

Stabilcoin postpone Binance listing if it can not be stabilized

Binance, who announced that he would list TrueDesk (TUSD) indexed to the USD, postponed the listing when he saw the TUSD jumped to 1.40, which should have been 1 USD.

Listed by Binance, LOOM rises harshly

Binance, one of the world's largest crypto money exchanges, announced that it was listing a new digital currency called Loom this morning.

New York Chief Prosecutor Binance, Bitfinex and 11 other commodities

New York chief prosecutor Eric Schneiderman examined popular crypto stock exchanges. The prosecutor said that it was an investigation of the policies and practices of crypto trading platforms.

Bitfinex plans to move after Binance

Bitfinex, one of the world's largest crypto-currency exchanges, was reportedly planning to move to Switzerland.

NEM [XEM] Began Trading in Binance

the building of in the past days we listed NEM transactions on the platform. NEM is no...

The world’s largest cryptographic stock exchange Binance is setting up a...

Binance, the world's largest cryptographic money exchange, announced that it has developed a public block of chains to create its own decentralized stock exchange.

Unincorporated Exchange from Binance

According to a statement made on 13 March, Binance, which is the biggest crypto money market according to market...